Monday, May 29, 2017

Cross Roads

Perusing through Wikipedia's Deaths in 2017 site, note the following listed under May 24:
  • Ross Rhoads (June 20, 1932 – May 24, 2017) 
 His first name is an addition to the "Add a Letter Makes a Word" pattern-cluster ... as in add a "C" makes "Cross"... with his full name giving us a cryptic "Cross Roads"!!  Keep in mind that the inner twin world strategically influenced the letter "C" to be phonetically identical to "see", "sea" and "ci"(Spanish for "yes")... all the words join together have a specific meaning, one that I refer to often in this blog.  Note Ross' birthday and note from my previous post:
  • Helen Grace (born 20 August 1971) 
Helen's And Flynn's birthday, generating a "June 20, __, August 20/ 20th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  To bridge the gap, and as per usual, you will need to use the formula  ... butt be sure to take into consideration the "one off" curve ball (as indicated by June  20th being one off from the June 19-- the day I began this blog in 2012).  

Another "audd" thing that I discovered on perusing the Deaths list is the following:
Alexander Burdonsky (October 14, 1941 – May 23, 2017)
Note from my earlier post today, It:
AND that's not all, note from my May 25 post, Grace:
  • Grace Mary McCarthy (October 14, 1927 – May 25, 2017) 
  • Sir Roger George Moore (14 October 1927 – 23 May 2017)
  • Sir Cliff Richard (born Harry Rodger Webb, 14October1940)
  • David Gordon Strickland, Jr. (October 14 ,1969 – March 22, 1999) 
  • Errol Leslie Flynn[1] (20 June 1909 – 14 October 1959)
So two  (born on October 14), had passed away on May 23, 2017!!  And so expanding the cluster:  "October 14(x7)" pattern-cluster,  that happens to be part of a larger October cluster.

It's interesting to note the title of my post "Grace" ... and Grace McCarthy... and now Helen Grace, that generates a "Grace (gift)" pattern-cluster, and now note from my previous post:
So we also have a "June 20(x2)" pattern-cluster within the bigger cluster.  And do note the cryptic phrase in his name Ross Rhoads re "cross roads".  And note as well the following other recent additions to the Deaths in 2017 site:
  • Kiran Ashar (19 June 1947 – 27 May 2017) 
  • Jean-Paul Chifflet (17 June 1949 – 25 May 2017) 
  • Evangelina Estrada Kalaw (June 16, 1920 – May 25, 2017)
And so we also have a "June 16, 17, _, 19(x2), 20(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I included a second June 19 given that this is the date of my very first post to this blog in 2012 : Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP).  The gap in the cluster is June 18... so another "18", a number that's particularly meaningful to the MacGregors" given their recent May 19 post:
  • A Cluster of 18s: Trump and Democracy.  
So bridging the June 18 gap... using the formula as per usual ... and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball we arrive at:
Note from their wiki pages:
  • Nancy Marchand (June 19, 1928 – June 18, 2000) 
  • John Francis "Jack" Buck (August 21, 1924 – June 18, 2002) 
I rest my case!! And we now have an "August 20, 21, __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... again use the formula... and don't be afraid to do a bigg mind yoga stretch in order to slug the "one off" out of the ball park... (here's a clue... either of the two cross' : the x and +, are made up of intersecting 11II!!!!!