Thursday, May 25, 2017

2 Baby Robins

This morning I woke up singing two lines of a childhood song that you too may be familiar:
A robin feathering his nest
Has very little time to rest...
our baby robin's
Also playing on my mind is my own "robin/nest" incident. We don't get many birds in our neck of the woods for the simple reason that we don't have suitable trees. People here refer to our area as "the barrens", butt it's hardly that-- it teams with life, it's just that the life here is "different", where the abundant trees are hidden from plain sight --banzais pruned by the ferocious winter winds that barrage our peninsula.   A number of years ago we planted 3 spruce in our yard with the hopes that birds may eventually come and nest.  

Much of my time outdoors has been spent working on the pile of sod  that I dug up last spring, shaking out as much top soil (worms included) for my new garden in our sunny backyard.   As I worked I began to notice a robin hanging around... always there when I stepped out into the yard,  perching nearby to watch... probably eyeing the worms.  And then one day as I made my way to the basement door located  under our deck, I noticed a nest perched on top a cross beam.  I peeked inside and there lay two perfect azure blue robin eggs.   What a JOY!!  This is a good sign!! And so now you understand why the "Robin" pattern-cluster that has just been brought to the forefront by the MacGregor's, means so much!!

The photo was taken today.  The eggs have since hatched and we now have two baby robins!!

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