Monday, May 8, 2017

Götz the Boot

Continuing on from my first post today, note this excerpt:
On Wam's wiki page one film was released during a twin year :
From the films cast/crew two stand out:
  • Philip Remi Øgaard (born 6 April 1948) 
  • Jorunn Kjellsby (born 7 April 1944) 
We now have an "April 6, 7, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   Bridging the April 8 gap... using the formula... and cutting to the chase we arrive at:
They not only died on the 8th, they were born on the 8th!!  Maria Felix died on her birthday.   We now have a "January 8, __March 8, April 8 (x3), May 8, _,  _, August 8.../ 8th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I included May 8  because it's todays date and August 8 and January 8 are included because it's the birthday of my ex husband and step son respectively.

Listed on the April 18 was another who had caught my eye:
As you can see, his wiki page reveals his birthday as "April 18" and not April 8th... a mistake... butt then again the inner twin world are renown for generating what "appears" to be accidents and/or mistakes... like my car crash in 2000-- the pivotal event that enabled me to become aware of my inner twin and the inner twin world at work in my life... and the inner twin's or others at work in our world in what I/they refer to as the "Starr Family Production"-- their means of "coming out" and "communicating" to us-- our outer twin world.  Keep in mind that my name is "May" and that we are in the month of May... and that May is synonymous with our outer twin world.   In fact, Werner's birthday is a cryptic "for May"... so for me/us in the outer twin world.  His date of death is the 109 day of the year, and so one off from the significant "108th" day (as per Rob MacGregor's post re:

Cubs and the mystery of 108)

His name is also a cryptic "Warner shoe/boot maker".   You do not want to be given the "boot" by the inner twin world... as many have!!  Now the "boot" can mean many things, butt to the inner twin world I think of two: the smaller boot as in what doctors put on a broken foot (given the scenario where both Rob and Megan MacGregor had each broken a foot/boot that you can read about here in this blog or the MacGregor's blog, with Rob receiving his boot first and then Megan hers).  And then we have "the boot"the BIG in death-- booted from the world.  Yes, the inner twin world has influenced the broken foot of Rob and Megan, as they have influenced the death of countless others. This is why the war being waged against our outer twin patriarchal world has to end... we have too much at stake in a war that we have no chance of winning except to concede to the demands of the inner twin world... which in the end enables us to turn the loss into a big WIN/WIN!!
So think long and hard... and do the cryptic MATH before it's too late!!

Note from Schumacher's wiki page:
... starred in the popular television crime series Tatort. 
On the Tatort wiki page one cast member stands out:
Götz George  (23 July 1938 – 19 June 2016) 
His first name "Götz " is timely, given the following from my recent May 6 post, ..¡..('_') ..¡.. :
Much can be gathered from the names, for instands the  "Katz Man"  fitz with the inner twin world scheme of thingz :  as in  'wright' up the MacGregor catz, dogz,  dolphinz... alleyz.
As well, my mother passed away on his birthday, and he died on the 4th anniversary of this blog : the very first made on June 19, 2012.   

Two of Werner's films stand out:
The Devil's General (1955) - 2. SS-Wachmann
The Liar (1961) - Goliath
One of the cast/crew from each of the films stand out:
  • Harry Meyen  (31 August 1924 – 15 April 1979) as Hartmann, aviation officer in The Devil's General.  
  • István Békeffy (August 31, 1901 - June 9, 1977)
Harry Meyer was the first cast/crew of either film that I investigate, given the cryptic "hairy May one/won".  Both were born on August 31 which also happens to be the birthday of Megan MacGreogor, the daughter of Rob and Trish.  

And in case you want more homework:

Re members of  the cast/crew of the Devil's General:

Curd Franz Jürgens (13 December 1915 – 18 June 1982)
Viktor de Kowa (8 March 1904 – 8 April 1973) 
Karl Ludwig Diehl (14 August 1896 – 8 March 1958)
Albert Lieven (22 June 1906 – 22 December 1971) 
Karl John (24 March 1905 – 22 December 1977)
Eva Ingeborg Scholz (born 16 February 1928)
Camilla Spira (1 March 1906 – 25 August 1997) 
Inge Meysel (30 May 1910 – 10 July 2004) 
Wolfgang Neuss (3 December 1923 5 May 1989)
Werner Schumacher (May 4, 1921 - April 18, 2004)
Helmut Käutner (born 25 March 1908 - 20 April 1980)
Walter Koppel (April 23, 1906 - October 25, 1982
Richard Gordon (31 December 1925 – 1 November 2011) 

From The Liar's film cast/crew wiki pages:

Balduin Baas (9 June 1922 – 22 May 2006) 
Günther Jerschke (October 8, 1921– May 6, 1997) 
Gustav Knuth (7 July 1901 – 1 February 1987) 
Blandine Ebinger (4 November 1899  – 25 December 1993)
Annemarie Düringer (26 November 1925 – 26 November 2014)
Heinrich Wilhelm "Heinz" Rühmann (March 7, 1902 – October 3, 1994)