Monday, May 8, 2017

Seventh Heaven and Mr. Drake's Duck

Continuing on from my first post today, Note the following excerpts:  
  • Svend Wam (5 May 1946 – 7 May 2017) 
  • Shahpur Gholamreza Pahlavi (15 May 1923 – 7 May 2017) 
Both were also born in May, and their birthdays generate a "May 5, __, 15/ Increments of 5 Date Sequence" pattern cluster and a "May 5, _, 7/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
We investigated the first cluster and so now for the second.  Bridging the May 6 gap and using the formula as per usual and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball... we arrive at:
Today is McClymont's birthday!!  So his death was timely-- as in part of the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production" scheme of things!!  The Farrell and Hyde-White  I included Because their names stood out and they're not too much of a stretch away from McClymont.  Farrell was born on the 222nd day of the year... sequences of 2's being a pariticular signature of the inner twin world, this is another heads up.   The surname McClymont contains a cryptic "Climate/climb mont (mountain) Y(why)".  The other two names adds to the cryptic phrase re "her farr " and "hide white Y(why).

As for McClymont's birthday and Hyde White's birthday,  and other dates found in my first post today, we now have a:
  • "May 5, 6, 7(x2), 8, _, 10, _, 12Date Sequence" pattern-cluster 
As for the May 9 and May 11 gaps... cutting to the chase:
Wouter's birthday doesn't mean that much butt his name certainly does: "w(double you) outer whey(wet water/way) land".  The inner twin worlds way of letting us know that they have timed their "coming out" to us, to parallel another event that soon to occur on our conjoined horizons: water inundation of certain land (ie Florida), a precursor to entering into the next glacial period.  I speak about the event with varying detail in many of my earlier posts. The name Maurice is a cryptic "more ice"... and then note the cryptic "Robert Trailor/tailor/traitor Y(why)": a cryptic reference to the "tailor made" part that Rob MacGregor plays in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production"-- antagonist (traitor), as influenced by his inner twin.  The "I" in Traylor is replaced by the letter y in order to convey "why"... a question that we are to ask ... seek out and find the answer.

 So assuming that Wouter's date of birth needs investigating... using the formula we arrive at:
First of all note the cryptic "House of mad I/eye" in the first excerpt above.  And then note Trampler's date of birth-- my granddaughter was born on his birthday... and keep in mind that my granddaughter has "lazy eye"-- legally blind in one eye, which I have reason to believe was brought about by her inner twin as per the "Starr Family Production".   Note the cryptic "de oak/soak walker" in the third persons name above re Doak Walker, where "walker" is also a medical term... an item,  like crutches is often used with the boot (broken foot), and so another addition to the "Broken Foot/Boot... Theme" pattern-cluster.  And do note the surname Trampler that speaks volumes... his first and last name generates a "water Trampler".

Charles Farrell acted in one film that stands out:
The title  jives/rumba's with my first post today, Seventh Born.  And Hyde-White stands out for one of his films:
Okay... first of all we're in the month of May... and my name is May, that's also synonymous with our "outer twin" patriarchal world, AND, Trish MacGregor who I refer to in the first post today, has used the pen name  "Allison Drake" for some of her novels.