Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Robin's Hug

The MacGregor's post today, A Greeting from Beyond, concerns a recent BBC article: Robin at son's grave moves mum to tears, note the following excerpts from the article:
She filmed the bird on the third anniversary of his death at the graveyard in Waterlooville, Hampshire. 
She said robins were a familiar sight whenever the family visited Jack's grave but one had "never come so close".
"It was sitting by the side of a grave - it kept flying around. It came back and was happy to come onto my hand and then looked straight into the camera.
"It was mind blowing - it kept coming back. It even sat on my shoulder."

"Whenever we'd go out, Jack and his twin would go robin spotting so it is something we always associate with him - it was just breathtaking."
And do note he was a "twin".  And note the mothers surname, Robinson (assuming it to be the surname of Jack as well)!!  So a "Robin" pattern-cluster.  So now here's the catch 22... note from my post made yesterday on May 23 (yes the day of the year where 222  days remain) re, Rattz Pack Cash Running Time :
  • Robbinson Lantz "Robbin" Crosby (August 4, 1959 – June 6, 2002) was an 
So note the name "Robbinson"... this time with a twin "by"... as with his nickname "Robbin".  Definitely the inner twin world's hand at play... and I've said before that they have a way with animals... and means of communicating to them.  Robbinson's birthday stands out given that it's the birthday of Barack Obama... and his date of death June 6 stands out, as this next excerpt from the post explains:
I should mention that Trish MacGregor's birthday is June 7.   As well, the date of the article is April 4... aka 4/4 ... with 4 sharing the same key as the $ dollar sign, this is an addition to the recent "Money Theme" pattern-cluster ... that's also reflected in my post title re  Rattz Pack Cash Running Time.    Also Robin related, just today as I was investigating for a post, the Hee Bee Gee Bee's had cropped up... a pop group that parody's the  Bee Gees and also to reference the expression "heebie-jeebies" .  And so Robin factors in because one of the Bee Gees is a Robin:
  • Robin Hugh Gibb (22 December 1949 – 20 May 2012) 
The anniversary of his death was just 4 days ago.   And do note the twin 22 his day of birth...And he too happens to be a twin:
  • Maurice Ernest Gibb ( 22 December 1949 – 12 January 2003) 
Their birthdays generating a "December 22(x2) pattern-cluster... and so to locate the one... the third in the equation...using the formula  ... and stretching outside the box just a bit, we arrive at:
  • Charles James "Chuck" Cherundolo, Jr. (August 8, 1916 – December 22, 2012)
His birthday stands out, note from my previous post:
  • Dustin Lee Hoffman (born August 8, 1937)
First of all, my exhusband was born on Hoffman's birthday.  
So Robin Gibb's date of death directs us back to the May 20 wiki page where we are to locate the intended one (or more)... and  I found 2:
Note from their wiki pages:
  • Joy Corning (September 7, 1932 – May 20, 2017) 
  • William Clifford Newman (August 16, 1928 – May 20, 2017) 
First we have a "_,  August 8, September 7, _/ Day/Month Sequence" pattern-cluster ; and then we also have an "August 8, 16, _/ Increments of 8/ Date Sequence" pattern -cluster.   I decided to take the shorter route-- bridging the August 24 gap we arrive at:
  • Andreas "AndyHug (September 7, 1964 – August 24, 2000) 
And do note the "Hug"!!  AND, note his birthday ... September 7th... generating a "September 7(x2)" pattern-cluster that also happens to expand a cluster in my previous post... and also there's the two June 7 above :
  • So we now have a "March 7, April 7(x2),  _, June 7(x3),  July 7, August 7, September 7(x2)/7th Day Month Sequence" pattern-cluster 
Definitely some investigating there... namely those listed on the  May 7 Deaths in 2017 site.  I'll leave that to you... as I follow another Robin Trail re:
Note this excerpt from the serials wiki page re the actor who played Robin:  
Johnny Duncan as Robin/Dick Grayson
Note the cryptic "young dunking"!!   And note from Duncan's wiki page:
John Bowman Duncan (December 7, 1923 – February 8, 2016)
His birthday expands the cluster:
  • " March 7, April 7(x2),  _, June 7(x3),  July 7, August 7, September 7(x2), __, __, December 7/ 7th Day Month Sequence" pattern-cluster  
And his birthday is one off from February 7th... one of the dates needed.  And it doesn't end there, note  this excerpt from the Batman and Robin wiki page:
Batman and Robin refers to the partnership between Batman and Robin, two superhero characters originally appearing in DC Comics. The partnership is also known as Dynamic Duo, a phrase introduced by Bill Finger in his scripts.
Note the cryptic "money finger" in the name Bill Finger!!  Note the following from his wiki page:
So Duncan died on  Bill Fingers birthday!!  Cutting to the chase:
Sidney Gerald "SidAbel (February 22, 1918 – February 8, 2000) 
Sir Robert Robin (13 September 1886 – 8 February 1975) 
And note the twinning of Robert Robin!!  And cutting to the chase again:
  •  John R. "JohnnyCash (born J. R. Cash; February 26, 1932 – September 12, 200 
  • Bobby Howard Byrd (August 15, 1934 – September 12, 2007) 
Oh yes... Bobby Bird aka "Rob chicken"... As in Rob MacGregor's part in the "Starr Family Production!!  And do note the cryptic "how ward"!? Infamous question in his middle name.  
Among all the Robin's listed on the given name wiki page one stands out:
It's the "wright penn"... and her birthday generates a "February 8(x2), __, April 8/ 8th Day" pattern-cluster.  And there we others... like two more Robin Roberts... and one that goes along with "Rob Chicken Theme" :
Of course the quivers can turn into something productive...butt a "bow" is needed... and we know he's much too chicken to get into the thick of things like that... butt, there's the other "bow" ... you know where you bend at the waist.  And of course there's also "bough"-- a tree branch... which will come in handy when Florida falls/resettles and the ocean rises... I believe Rob has a big mango tree in his yard that he, Trish and their dog Noah and cats can roost in.  Either way, Rob give's a bow even today... thanks to his inner twin who isn't the least bit chicken!!