Monday, May 15, 2017

Bury At Water (UPDATE)

The title of my previous post, Mile High Anger, has much to do with the cryptic communication found among the names in the list, with the very first one setting the pace loud and clear:
  • Hal Oscar Anger (May 20, 1920 – October 31, 2005)
Note from Anger's wiki page:
Our investigation takes us now to the wiki page of Laboratory's namesake, Ernest O. Lawrence:
  • Ernest Orlando Lawrence (August 8, 1901 – August 27, 1958)
August 8th is the birthday of my ex husband and so an addition to the "Targeting Family Birthdays" pattern-cluster.  His middle name speaks volumes as well: or land eau(water).... a cryptic reference to the warning that the inner twin world continually reiterate as to the danger:  Florida lay precariously close to the outer boundary of our North American Plate, land that during the previous glacial maximum had remained unglaciated, and so as the sheer weight of the glaciers pressed down on the plates interior, Florida and other land masses along the plate edge, had bowled upward.

The residual effects of the last glacial period are at play even today, as the North American and Eurasian plates continue to readjust: rebounding at the interior as the edges resettle, leaving land masses like Florida in the process of resettling into an ever rising sea, note the following excerpt from the National Geographic article : Scientists are Watching in Horror as Ice Collapses):
The increased melting of Antarctic ice means that by 2100 the waters surrounding the U.S. state of Florida are likely to rise six feet.
The scientists here are only measuring glacial iced melt in one area alone, and they aren't taking into consideration Florida's precarious position: close to the outer perimeter/edge of the North American Tectonic plate that's in the process of resettling, or the fact that this edge is divergent, meaning that it's in the process of pulling away from the adjacent tectonic plate, note this excerpt from an article on Plates and Boundaries:
Examples of divergent boundaries include:
  • the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, made up of the boundary between the North American and Eurasian Plates in the North Atlantic, crossing Iceland, and the South American and the African Plates in the South Atlantic
Scientists are issuing warnings from various angles, like the experts in the article mentioned above, butt they aren't bringing "ALL" the facts together to make the danger more "immediate" for places like Florida... at least not effectively enough to adequately warn residents and visitors.  Note this image from another article on Plate Tectonics that show the divergent plates in the North Atlantic, where the edges of the North American Plate that lay adjacent to the African and South American are pulling apart:

..  with the obvious result being that there is nothing holding back the North American Plate edge from free falling!!  Florida being so close to the edge ... and so close to sea level is in greater danger than the experts ... and powers that be,  let on.

At this point of our present day interglacial period, a new variable  at play is human pollutants that add to the natural global warming that's generated by the areas of the edges of the North American and the European Plate edges are scraping adjacent plates (ie Pacific and Indian Plates)as they are in the process of resettling.

And so getting back not to my ex husband whose birthday has cropped up (as per the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production") it's  interesting to note that I left my ex husband largely in part  due to his uncontrollable "anger" toward me.   I know now that those episodes were all part of the inner twin worlds "Starr Family Production"-- in other words, his anger was influenced by his inner twin.  And another reason as to why I can justify that the inner twin world are expressing their anger now,  has to do with this next excerpt from my previous post:

  • John Hunter Wickersham (February 3, 1890 – September 12, 1918) 
  • Edward Wanshear Wynkoop (June 19, 1836 – September 11, 1891) 
The 9/11 speaks volumes... as do the names!!  Their dates of death generates a "September _, 11, 12, _/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  By bridging the gaps the inner twin world will provide more cryptic communication that relates (using the formula ( as per usual and taking into consideration the " one off" curve ball as indicated).  This I'll leave for another post if I have time.

My previous post also ended with a bit more of an investigation of the Denver Notable Persons section regarding the Film, television, and theatre section.  My focus here has to do with the fact that the inner twin world generate clusters with this group more than any other "notable" profession.   Once I checked out the names and then investigated the next four in this list, I knew that the inner twin world were prompting me on:
Note first of all the cryptic phrase in their names: alb rite (aka "white wright"); ash ford; bury at water; August in.  It is cryptic, butt decipherable when you learn the language.

As well, three of the dates are connected: June 19 is also the very first post made to this blog in 2012; June 25 is the date of Death of Michael Jackson-- the subject matter of my June 19 post centres around the "timely" death of Michael Jackson ... that also involves the MacGregor's ... and this brings us to Atwater's birthday of May 16 which is the same as Rob MacGregor's.  Two dates are also meaningful, August 7th is one off from my ex husbands birthday... and we also have an "August 7, 8, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   May 24th is one off from the day of the year where 222 days remain... keep in mind that sequences of 2's are a particular inner twin world signature... this indicates that we are "off track" where the inner twin world want us @@@ (at at at: note the number 2 shares the same key on my keyboard as the @ "at" symbol).  April 6 is the only one unaccounted for... there must be a reason.

 Once you read my June 19 post, Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP), you will begin to get more of a sense as to why the inner twin world are ANGRY!!

On perusing through the list of notable Denver residents in Film, Television and Theatre, I decided again to focus on those who were born and/or died in May... which is this month... and not to mention the fact that my name is May:
  • Sierra Marjory Boggess[1] (born May 20, 1982) 
  • Ann Bradford Davis (May 3, 1926 – June 1, 2014)
  • Madhuri Dixit (born 15 May 1967)
  • Douglas Fairbanks (born Douglas Elton Thomas Ullman; May 23, 1883 – December 12, 1939) 
  • Gene Fowler Jr. (27 May 1917 – 11 May 1998)
  • Pamela Suzette "Pam" Grier (born May 26, 1949)
  • Robert Anthony McGowan (May 22, 1901 – June 20, 1955)
  • Mikki Padilla (born May 27, 1974)
  • Ethel Shannon (May 22, 1898 – July 10, 1951)
  • Lincoln Stedman (May 18, 1907 – March 22, 1948)
  • John Stephen Stohn (born May 8, 1948)
  • Ruth Stonehouse (September 28, 1892 – May 12, 1941) 
  • Nathan "Nate" Watt (April 6, 1889 – May 26, 1968)
As you can see, we have a second April 6... an "April 6(x2)" pattern cluster!!  And so the May dates added to the cluster of the previous post, expands it now into a:
  •  "May _, 2, 3, 4(x2), 5, 6, 7, 8(x2), 9, 10, 11(x3), 12(x5), _, _, 15(x5), 16(x5), 17(x2), 18(x2), 19, 20(x3), _, 22(x2), 23, 24(x2), 25, 26(x34), 27(x3), 28, _, 30, 31/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.
Some of the other names that stand out... along with their dates:
  • Jeffrey Pierce (born Jeffrey Plitt; December 13, 1971 
  • Dean Cyril Reed (September 22, 1938 – June 13, 1986)
  • Jorge Luis Flores Sanchez[1] (born February 22, 1974)
  • Freeman Wood (July 1, 1896 – February 15, 1956) 
December 13 is also the date of my car crash in 2000-- the pivotal event that enabled me to become aware of my inner twin and the inner twin world for the first time.  Reed's died on my birthday... June 13.  Sanchez's birthday is the same as my grandson who in 5 years time will be 8... and the date will be 2/2/22.  Freeman Wood stands out due to the cryptic "free man wood"... and the fact that he died one off from Valentines day.

As for the third April 6... using the formula as per usual... and stretching just a bit outside the box, we arrive at:
  • David Jerome Bloom (May 22, 1963 – April 6, 2003)