Saturday, May 27, 2017


Continuing on from my previous post that investigates certain individuals from the list of notable persons as found on the Winterhaven (Florida) wiki page, this post will involve 7 others from the list, note from their wiki pages:
  1. Burt Shotton(October 18, 1884 – July 29, 1962) was former manager of MLB's Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers
  2. Tim Ford (October 22, 1951 – February 27, 2015) Mississippi lawyer and legislator
  3. Lawrence Scarpa(born October 28, 1959) architect
  4. O.D. Wilson (September 12, 1954 – October 29, 1991 powerlifter and professional strongman
  5. Kenneth Brokenburr ( 29 October 1968) gold medalist, 4x100 meter relay team at the 2000 Summer Olympics
  6. John A. Snivel (1889 - January 22, 1958) pioneer citrus grower, developed extensive groves in the Winter Haven area
  7. George A. "Banana George" Blair (January 22, 1915 – October 17, 2013)  professional barefoot skier
The above dates provide us with a number of pattern clusters, a prominent one being the "October 29(x2)" pattern-cluster, that results from Wilson's "timely" death-- his passing away on Brokenburr's birthday.  I chose this cluster even over the prominent "January 22(x2)" pattern-cluster the dates of which are also additions to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster... with sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  The reason has to do with a recent and prolific "October" pattern-cluster occurring in my posts as of late, and as you can see by the above, it continues (in a "timely" manner).    Since pattern-clusters tend to be generated in groups of 3 or more, this was generated as a means of prompting us to seek out the intended individual(s).  And so from here we venture to the October 29 wiki page where we then apply the formula.  Having done so we arrive at: 
Note from their wiki pages:  
  • Edmund Calamy (February 1600 – October 29, 1666) 
  • Carlos Guastavino (April 5, 1912 - October 29, 2000)
  • Michel Régnier (5 May 1931 – 29 October 1999)
The two birthdays generate a "_, April 5, May 5, _/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind that May 5 is 5/5... meaningful give the recent "Sequences of 5" Pattern-cluster.  As for Edmund Calamy, his wiki page does not provide birth info, and so this is a prompt for us to investigate the notable persons mentioned on his wiki page, note this excerpt:

It's interesting to note at this point that the name Calamy is close to the word calamity... only missing the "it". Also seen within the name are the words "calm" and "clam", both of which also factor into the overall communication, and indeed, the clam's defensive mechanism-- its shell, enables a "calm" environment within a turbulent sea.  Another reason for generating the clusters other than to "come out" to us, is to provide us with a cryptic means of communication, an example of which is via the names, such as you see with this case.  The inner twin world have singled out the word "it" by excluding it from the surname Calamy... and so we're also supposed to stretch-- think of other ways that "IT" factors in... for instance there's Stephen King's IT!!  That's for another investigation.  At the moment though, the surname Calamy provides us with a key communication that involves " calamity, clam and calm" !!  Note from Calamy's wiki page:
Edmund is actually Edmund the Youngers son and so the grandson of Edmund the Elder.  Note from his grandsons wiki page:
  • Edmund Calamy (5 April 1671 – 3 June 1732) 
And so the cluster expands as well as generating an "April 5(x2)" pattern-cluster within  .  His date of death is interesting... should we bridge the June 5 gap in the cluster we will then have a "June 3, 5, 7/Uneven Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  The June 7 is included due to it being the birthday of Trish MacGregor (who also lives in Florida),  who is another key player in the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production".  The MacGregor's are mentioned throughout this blog and including the very first post to this blog, and in fact they play an intrinsic part in the birth of this blog.  This also brings me to the second person listed above who died on October 29, "Greg", and the fact that this name is found in the surname "MacGregor" (which means son of Gregory in origin).  Now note this next excerpt from Trish MacGregor's wiki page in regards to the first notable persons mentioned:  
In 2003, with the death of renowned astrologer Sydney Omarr, MacGregor took over the writing of his astrology books.
Now note from Omarr's wiki page:
Sydney Omarr (5 August 1926 – 2 January 2003)
And so the cluster expands again:   a "_, April 5(x2), May 5, __, __, August 5 / 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  The surname "Omarr" contains a cryptic  French/English combination re "O Marr", with "O" being a version of eau (French word pronounced as "O" that means "water"), and marr being a combination of two words "mar" (short for maritime) and "mar" (meaning harm).  And so it deciphers further into " water ocean/maritime harm".  We could investigate the gaps, butt I prefer to wait to see what the other clusters reveal.

The next most meaningful cluster is the "October _, 17, 18, _/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  The fact that an "18" is involved given the recent "18" pattern-cluster, brings this cluster to the forefront.  Bridging the October 16 gap using the formula we then arrive at:
  • 1888  John Wentworth, American journalist and politician, 19th Mayor of Chicago (b. 1815)
  • John Wentworth (nicknamed "Long John") (March 5, 1815 – October 16, 1888) 
As you can see, his birthday adds to the first cluster investigated above, expanding it now into a "March 5,  April 5(x2), May 5, __, __, August 5/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster
  There is one other 5th day that needs to be factored in... the January 5 birthday of my golden retriever " Bailey" , and with the the MacGregor's having their own golden retriever "Noah" who they love dearly, I'm sure they will agree to the inclusion.  Note that both dogs names are additions to the "Water Theme" pattern-cluster.  Which makes sense when you consider that the inner twin world influenced the names as well ... to communicate.  The crux being that they are warning those in Florida about an impending "calamity" that involves the area of land (near the edge of the North American Tectonic Plate) that is due to "resettle": falling into the sea as the water levels continues to rise is calamitous indeed!!   And for the record the cluster is now :
  •  "January 5, __, March 5,  April 5(x2), May 5, __, __, August 5/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster
And now to bridge the October 19 gap re the "October 17, 18, _/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... and cutting to the chase we arrive at:
  • James Cunningham Murray (May 16, 1917 – October 19, 1999) 
May 16 by the way is also Rob MacGregor's birthday ... you can verify the birthdays of Rob and Trish on their synchrosecrets blog ie  their post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!... now grant you, keep in mind that they have been known to delete posts in attempt to thwart the inner twin world... and this blog (see my first post in this blog re: Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death RIIP.

That should be enough of a head start... and a heads up!!