Monday, May 29, 2017


continuing on, note this excerpt from my previous post:
  • The inner twin world have singled out the word "it" by excluding it from the surname Calamy... and so we're also supposed to stretch-- think of other ways that "IT" factors in... for instance there's  Stephen King's  It !! 
 And so we come now to the IT Mini Series, and to the first three mentioned in the list of cast:
For one we have a "Thomas" that means "twin" in origin and so our first heads up.  And note the cryptic communication  in the character name "Ben Hanscom"-- "time hands/has come".  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Richard Earl Thomas (born June 13, 1951)
  • Jonathan Gregory Brandis (April 13, 1976 – November 12, 2003)
  • Jonathan Southworth "JohnRitter[1] (September 17, 1948 – September 11, 2003) 
Well we all know that Ritter's death of September 11 aka 9/11 ... can't bode well as far as this communication goes.  His middle name is a cryptic "south worth"... that draws attention once again to Florida that is pretty "south" in regards to the US place on the North American Plate... south in this sense being synonymous with "too" close to the perimeter... and too low to the sea.  And of course this also ties into the MacGregor's (other key players in the inner twin worlds Starr Family Production, who happen (not by chance) to live in Florida.  And do note Jonathan Brandis middle name "Gregory"... aka MacGregor, that breaks down into a cryptic "great grey gory"... and his surname gives us "brand is": in other words the MacGregor's have been "branded"-- designated to play the part of antagonist in their Starr Family Production.   The two Jonathan's are linked via their first names... and via the cryptic phrase within their names.  As well, Thomas' and Brandis' birthdays generate a "April 13, __, June 13(x2)/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern cluster (my birthday is also June 13 hence the x2).  And speaking of 13's note from my recent May 26 post, La Badie:
  • Florence La Badie  (April 27, 1888 – October 13, 1917)
So the cluster expands into an
  •  "October 13, __, December 13....... April 13, __, June 13(x2)/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern cluster
I included December 13 due to this being the date of my car crash in 2000, an incident that wa no accident, butt a strategic design influence of the inner twin world-- the goal being to "wake me up" to the truth/awareness of my inner twin and the inner twin world.  Other cast members in the series "It" stand out:
  • Chelan Simmons as Laurie Anne Winterbarger
  • Chelan Simmons (born October 29, 1982) 
  • Harry Anderson as Richie Tozier
  • Harry Laverne Anderson (born October 14, 1952)  
Both birthdays are additions to the recent "October" pattern-cluster... with a focus on October 14, and note from my previous post:
The above dates provide us with a number of pattern clusters, a prominent one being the "October 29(x2)" pattern-cluster
On Googling  "It" I came to many sites, and I investigate each one, many of which were film related and so many cast/crew, butt one stands out:
The name of the director is an addition to the recent "Robin Theme" pattern-cluster.   Her wiki page doesn't provide her Birthday info, butt there is one other notable person mentioned on her wiki page whose birthday is provided:

  • Richard Leacock (18 July 1921 – 23 March 2011) 
His date of birth being an "18" is significant... and his date of death together with May 23 (the day of the year where 222 days remain) generates a "March 23, __, May 23/ 23rd Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster .   The "It Girls"  finally gives us a "5" (the number being significant as of late):

Nicholai Olivia "NickyRothschild (née Hilton; born October 5, 1983)
And then there's the saying, It girl, a charismatic young woman, note from the "It Girl" wiki page:
  • originally slang sfor a beautiful, stylish young woman who possessed sex appealwithout flaunting her sexuality, 
  • Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak (born November 5, 1981) 
So another "5"... and an "October 5, November 5, __, January 5/ 5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  January 5th being the birthday of my dog Bailey.

And then we have ITT (disambiguation)
Scott DraperProfessional tennis player & golferRicki-Lee CoulterBallad"How Am I Supposed to Live Without You" by Michael Bolton
Scott Dennis Draper (born 5 June 1974) 
Another "5"!!  And the name  has cryptic other meaning re "Scott (MacGregor's) Dennis(Menace)  cover up".  

 And then:
  • Cousin Itt, a fictional character in The Addams Family
And then note the following regarding the Stephen King re film " It": the film involves  7 children from Derry ... fictional name of town for his home in Bangor.  Do note the  "ban gore/ bang gore" in the place name Bangore!!   And so note this notable persons from Bangor:
I selected her form the list given the cryptic phrase in her surname re "hell in mad u(you)mer (Ocean) r(are) ill(temp rising/warming up) .  It is cryptic, but easy to decipher once you understand the language being used to communicate to us.  Note form her wiki page:
Helen Maud Merrill (May 5, 1865 - November 26, 1943)
And yet another "5".  And there are more from the Notable persons of  Bangore list:
  • Cyrus Hamlin (January 5, 1811 – August 8, 1900)
  • Robert Newbegin II (February 5, 1905 – November 15, 1991) 
So 2 other "5's", hence we now have an "May 5, June 5, __, __,  __, October 5, November 5, __, January 5(x2), February 5/  5th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster. .