Friday, May 26, 2017

A New December 18

Continuing on from my previous post, I can't help butt wonder if I need to take a new approach.  Instead of investigating the deaths section on the December 18 wiki page, lets move on to the other two sections.  In the Events section... still using the formula , we arrive at:
Now what makes it so "audd" that he crops up, it that earlier today I had quickly investigated the October 14 wiki page... because of the "October 14(x5) pattern-cluster  that built up over the last couple of days.  I used the formula as per usual ... and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball ... and not to far of a stretch stretch, we arrive at:
And so another addition to the recent "Robin Theme" pattern-cluster.  Note from his wiki page:
So he too was involved in the early stages of the film industry!!  I did have him slated for another post, butt it seems he needs to be included here given the connection.  Note from Le Prince's wiki page:
  • Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince (28 August 1841 – vanished 16 September 1890) 
Note from the wiki pages of the 4 mentioned above:
  • Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) 
  • Auguste  Lumie (19 October 1862 – 10 April 1954
  • Louis Jean Lumière  (5 October 1864 – 6 June 1948)
  • William Friese-Greene (7 September 1855 – 5 May 1921)
As you can see, we now have an "October _, 18, 19, _ / Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Note from the wiki pages of others mentioned on his wiki page:
  • Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (18 November 1787 – 10 July 1851) 
  • Victoria  (24 May 1819 – 22 January 1901) 
  • William Ewart Gladstone (29 December 1809 – 19 May 1898) 
  • Eadweard Muybridge (9 April 1830 – 8 May 1904)
  • Mamoru Oshii (born August 8, 1951) 
  • George Eastman (July 12, 1854 – March 14, 1932)
  • Georges Méliès (8 December 1861 – 21 January 1938)
  • George Washington (February 22, 1732 [O.S. February 11, 1731][b][c] – December 14, 1799)
Several other pattern-cluster emerge.   Butt the one that stands out the most is Washinton's birthday re February 22nd ... for one it cropped up in my previous post :
  • Charles Oscar Finley (February 22, 1918 – February 19, 1996)
His birthday is the same as my grandson's, and so generating a "February 22(x2)" pattern-cluster.   
And so the cluster completes: a "February 22(x3)" pattern-cluster.  

And so moving on now to the notable births section of the December 18 wiki page we arrive at:
It was the name Seth that caught my eye, given that it's not a common name and given the MacGregor's connection to a "Seth".   Note from his wiki page :
Bowling Green stands out given "bowling" is mentioned in my earlier post today... and yesterday.  and this brings us to  Bowling Green State University wiki page  and to the following excerpts:
...specializing in teacher training and education, as part of the Lowry Normal School Bill ... approved and signed into law by Ohio Governor Judson Harmon 
PresidentMary Ellen Mazey
The "Low" in Lowry is a heads up (see earlier post today).   The sur name of the President, Mazey, reminds me of a nickname I once had for a short period... my name being May.  And note the "harm on" in the surname Harmon.  So let's investigate the two:
  • Mary Ellen Mazey (born February 22, 1949)
  • Judson Harmon (February 3, 1846 – February 22, 1927) 
WOW, two more February 22nd's adding to the cluster of 3.  So Mazey was born 22 years exactly after the death of Harmon.   It's a good time to introduce an excerpt from this blogs Header :
The Producer, Director and Writer of Warner Brothers animated cartoon "My Little Duckaroo" died on February 22nd: Jones in 2002; Selzer In 1970, Maltese in 1981. In a little over "5" years from now the anniversary of their death is 2/22/22. sequences of 2's are a particular signature...