Friday, May 26, 2017

La Badie

On checking the Statscounter page for this blog, I noticed that another Florida resident has started reading recent posts, the map indicates that they're from Winterhaven Florida, which happens to have a wiki page and a list of notable persons.  As per usual, investigating a list where notable persons are involved, entails narrowing the search to the name(s) that stand out.  Taking into consideration recent clusters: a "Robin Theme" and "Water Theme" pattern-cluster.  Two fall under the category :

The surname Birdsong is easy enough to decipher.  Butt Pierpont is really interesting because it contains the word "pier" that definitely fits into the "water theme", and then note the names etymology:
Pierpont:  The placename means "the stone bridge", derived from the Olde French "Pierre", stone, with "pont", bridge. 
Even the etymology fits into the "water theme".  Note from their wiki pages: 
  • Otis Lee Birdsong (born December 9, 1955)
  • James Lord Pierpont (April 25, 1822 – August 5, 1893) 
For one thing, Birdsong's date of birth is the day of the year where 22 days remain... with sequences of 2's being a particular signature of the inner twin world, this is significant.  As for Pierpont's birthday, the only thing that stands out is that it's pretty close to a date that cropped up less than an hour ago in my previous post:

We have an "April 25, _, _, 28/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Unfortunately the gap is too/two big (as per the rules of investigation).  I then decided to select from the list, the surname that stands out the most from the "all round" perspective:

It's his surname "wright"... a word that in this blog ... and for years, that I use in place of what I am doing here with this blog "write right"-- tellling the truth about the inner twin world ... as opposed to the MacGregors (also from Florida) who factor through out this blog and including the very first ones on June 19, 2012 re : Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP).  Note from Gary Wright's wiki page:
  • Gary Malcolm Wright (born April 26, 1943)
And so now the cluster expands into an "April 25, 26, _, 28/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  With only one gap it's now comes into play-- we can now bridge the gap by investigating the April 27 wiki page.  Using the formula as per usual and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
  • Harris Browning Ross (April 26, 1924 – April 27, 1998) 
Ross died one day after his birthday.  His first name contains a cryptic "hair/harm rise"
Keep in mind as well that the surname Ross means "coastal land/promontory headland"... and if you go to the Headland wiki pager you'll see that Florida does have one: Cape Canaveral .

Another one who fits the bill, butt maybe not as much:
  • Cyril Washbrook (6 December 1914 – 27 April 1999)
And using a new formula -- investigating the births :

Florence La Badie ] (April 27, 1888 – October 13, 1917