Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Peter Peter...

My previous post ended with:
  •  "February 22, 23, _, 25(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. 
Bridging the gap... butt not entirely as per usual, this time, taking into consideration the "Rock/Stone" pattern-cluster of my previous post, and the fact that the name Peter means "Stone/Rock" in origin, I decided to investigate any Peters found on the February 24 wiki page in the Deaths Section.  There was only 1:  
Peter Kenilorea was born on the 222nd day of the year, an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, with sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature. And there is also the matter of February 25(x2)... the cluster within the cluster.  The inner twin world have the tendency of generating clusters in groups of 3 or more, so this is a prompt for us to investigate the February 25 wiki page for the intended third.  Sticking with the Peter theme, we arrive at... again, only one:
Peter Benenson ( 31 July 1921 – 25 February 2005) 
His birthday connects with Megan MacGregor's birthday of August 31, hence generating a "__, July 31, August 31/ 31st Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Bridging the gap we now venture to the May 31 wiki page... and this time using the Formula as per usual, we arrive at:
Who just happens to be another Peter... albeit spelled a bit different... and he's the only one in the deaths section!!  Note from his wiki page:
  • Petar Toshev Mladenov (22 August 1936 – 31 May 2000) 
Do note the 22... and the August.