Tuesday, May 9, 2017


The Deaths in 2017 site lists under May 7:
Well, we have another "chuck" (see my May 8 post, Gill Kill & Chuck the Woolery).  Note from Chuck's wiki page:
  • Charles Orsborn ("Chuck" or "Ozzy"; 1917 – May 7, 2017)
Now it gets even more interesting -- his other nickname Ozzy with it twin zz, given the following from my previous postRob Reedz:
... I meandered over to the MacGregor's wiki page where Rob had just put up a post today: Finding the Lost City of Z.  Now THAT'S not coincidence!!  Note the titles of my posts made yesterday:
 Note the etymology of his surname:
  • Orsborn: from Asbjorn, meaning "divine bear". 
"Ozzie"/"divine bear" reminds me of Muppet's  "Fozzy Bear".  Hold on to your hat Fozzy!!

Fozzie Bear.jpg
Note from Fozzy's wiki page:
  • developed by Frank Oz, who performed Fozzie until 2000. Eric Jacobson has since become the character's principal performer.  
And check it out, another Oz... a "Frank/truth Oz".   Note from Frank's wiki page:
  • Frank Oz (born Frank Richard Oznowicz born May 25, 1944) 
He died in May too.  His surname is a bit different... I see a cryptic "oz now I c z"... and deciphering further:  "Devine bear now I see/sea/c z/end".
  • James Maury "Jim" Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990)
  • Jane Henson (née Nebel; June 16, 1934 – April 2, 2013) was
  • Greg Berg (born November 26, 1960) 
  • Eric Jacobson (born January 15, 1971) 

So we now have a "_, May 16(x2), June 16, _/ 16th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  How about it Rob... and Trish... wanna jump in... any time now!!
Note this next excerpt from Fozzy's wiki page:
 Though it is often thought that Fozzie's name is a pun of Frank Oz (F.Oz), the character was actually named after Al Fuzzie, the mascot of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority in the mid-1970s. Henson's wife, Jane, was a member of the sorority.[