Friday, May 26, 2017

Seth and Nelson Mandela

Continuing on.  I then decided to venture to the MacGregor's blog to locate one of their posts that relate to their "Seth", so I can then use as a reference in my earlier post today that makes reference to him.  So keying "Seth" into their blogs search box brings up a number of post, the first one of which is :
Precognition, Science, & SethPosted on  by Rob and Trish
So do note the date of the post re: December 5, and then note this excerpt from my previous post:
  • Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela (18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013)
The other dates don't speak to me, butt the name/title sure do... namely the "Fins" in Finspang... a cryptic "fins pain" ... and then the cryptic "kneel son " in Nelson (a shortened form of Neil Son).
So I take that back... that the dates don't speak to me.  Mandela died on December 5, exactly 2 years before the MacGregors post, hence we now have a "December 5(x2)" pattern-cluster.   Again, veering away from the old formula ... and venturing to the Births section of the December 5 wiki page, we arrive at:
Juha Tiainen (December 5, 1955 in Uukuniemi – April 28, 2003 in Lappeenranta) was a former hammer thrower from Finland
The twin 55 in the year (goes with the recent theme of things)... as does the "fin" in "Finland".  I'm sure the "hammer" factors in as does his date of death:
April 28 is the 118th day of the year (119th in leap years)
So he died on the 118th day of the year... and bringing another 18 to the table.  

In all of the December 5 wiki page there was only one year in the list of notable events, births and deaths that ended with 18:
1918  Schalk Willem Burger, South African commander, lawyer, and politician, 6th President of the South African Republic(b. 1852)
And another President!!  Note from his wiki page:
  • Schalk Willem Burger (6 September 1852 – 5 December 1918)
His date of birth re 6/9 are identical except a reverse of each other... in a similar sense, the 9 is negative given that it shares the same key on my key board as the left bracket that's used to make the unhappy emoticon :-(  and because it now connects to the 6 that shares the same key as the ^ roof symbol... this is a way for the inner twin world to communicate that they are unhappy with the outer twin worlds leaders who pay no attention to what is most valuable: protecting the future generations.  In order to change this unhappiness... and so reverse the war that they're waging against all of us... and including world leaders who are equally exposed, then we need to give the inner twin world what they want.  They want to come out, and when and if this happens, then it will pave the way to save People from an otherwise gruelling death in places like Florida.  Keep in mind that twin 66 and 666 aka ^^ and ^^^  the TUSSH (Two United Structure System Home) as proposed by the inner twin world... a way that they will pave in due time and on the heals of their coming out to not just me and a few others, butt to the world.