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Tiger Shark Cove Park, Wellington

Continuing on from my previous post, we had investigated the date of 5/5/55, however since we are in the Month of May, we also need to consider the notable persons who are listed on The Deaths in 2017 site lists under May 5.  On perusing the list, two stand out, note from their wiki pages:
  • Rabbi Binyamin "Benny" Elon (November 10, 1954 – May 5, 2017)
  • Bernard Mitton (9 November 1954 – 5 May 2017
Their birthdays generate a "November 9, 10, __/DateSequence" pattern-cluster... and note the gap is represented by 11/11.  So bridging the gap, we use the formula as per usual and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
  • Patrick Michael Clancy (7 March 1922 – 11 November 1998),
  • Mary Kay Bergman (June 5, 1961 – November 11, 1999)
  • Jacobo Timerman (6 January 1923 – 11 November 1999)
  • Sandra Schmitt (b. 26 April 1981 – d. 11 November 2000)
  • Erna Viitol (born on 10 May 1920 – 11 November 2001)
  • José Francisco Blake Mora (22 May 1966 – 11 November 2011)  
First of all, given Trish MacGregor's birthday of June 7, we have a "June 5, _, 7/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   Bridging the June 6 gap... using the formula and cutting to the chase we arrive at:
  • George Davis Snell (December 19, 1903 – June 6, 1996)
  • Patrick Barry Sullivan (August 29, 1912 – June 6, 1994)  
The name Viitol contains a cryptic "vital/ii"... definitely a heads up!!  And his date of birth generates a "May 5, 10, _/ Increments of 5 Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Bridging the gap ... using the formula as per usual ... and stepping outside the box , we arrive at:
  • Jerry Lamon Falwell Sr. (August 11, 1933 – May 15, 2007)
He was born one off from the 222nd day of the year!!  Note from his wiki page:
The Moral Majority was promoted as being "pro-life", "pro-traditional family", "pro-moral" and "pro-American"[23]and was credited with delivering two thirds of the white, evangelical Christian vote to Ronald Reagan during the 1980 presidential election
Note from Ronald Regan's wiki page:
  • Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004)  
Regan died on Bergmans's birthday, hence generating a "June 5(x2)" pattern-cluster.  I'm reminded as well that we also have a "May 5, June 5(x2), __/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Bridging the July 5 gap ... cutting to the chase we arrive at:
  • 2002 – Ted Williams (August 30, 1918 – July 5, 2002) baseball player, manager 
First heads up: Ted Williams birthday stands out given the following  from yesterdays post:
  • Eberhard Bethge (August 28, 1909 – March 18, 2000)
  • John Edmund Andrew Phillips (August 30, 1935 – March 18, 2001)
  • Robin Hughes Harris (August 30, 1953 – March 18, 1990) 
And so together with the birthday of Megan MacGregor, we now have an "August 28, _, 30(x3), 31/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .  As to the August 29 gap, we need not look any further... it's the birthday of Michael Jackson who, along with the MacGregor's factor in this blogs very first post made on June 19, 2012, entitled "Censoring Around the Death of Michael Jackson(RIIP)".

Secondly: note  the cryptic "huge shearer" in the name Hugh Shearer.    And his birthday together with  Rob MacGregor's birthday of May 16, we now have a "May 16, _, 18/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... and so bridging the May 17 gap ... cutting to the chase we arrive at:
  • Jacques-Louis Lions (3 May 1928 – 17 May 2001) 
  • Frank Gill Slaughter (February 25, 1908 – May 17, 2001), 
The surname "Lions" is an addition to the "Leo... Theme" pattern-cluster... that in turn connects again with Megan MacGregor who is a Leo (Sidereal Astrology system).  And then note the cryptic phrase re "frank gill slaughter": the inner twin world are being "frank"... blunt about the truth re "gill slaughter", a cryptic way of making reference to the inundundation of Florida via a combination of it " falling"  as the sea " rises" .  When this event occurs, Wellingtons (Where the MacGregor's live in Florida) Tiger Shark Park  will become an actual park for tiger sharks who will come to take advantage of the helpless, readily available prey... a subject that cropped up in yesterdays post,
Frog Eat Frog World, note this excerpt: 
The name Neil is a cryptic "kneel", and the surname Hamilton is synonymous with "Shark Attack" (re the Bethany Hamilton story)... and I've made this comparison before... in conjunction with a park in  Wellington Florida  where the MacGregor's live,  called "Tiger Shark Cove Park"... the shark that bit off Bethany's arm was a tiger shark.  The Park isn't a place for tiger sharks to hang out... it's dry land that consists mostly a play ground for young and old.  
These are harsh words that generates harsh imagery, butt the inner twin world obviously think  it necessary... as with the war they are waging against our outer twin world !!   And we now have a "May 3,_, 5/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  So bridging the May 4 gap... using the Formula as per usual, ... and stretching outside the box just a bit, we arrive at:
  • David Haskell Hackworth (November 11, 1930 – May 4, 2005),
 And so we come full circle.  His birthday  11/11, and the cryptic phrase in his name ,  day see hack worth, speaks volumes !!!!

The inner twin world have left other clues as to this horrid event that's to occur with Florida.  Venturing to the Wellington Florida wiki page and to the section of Notable People there is one in particular that we now need to consider:
Note from Stephanie's wiki page:

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