Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Note the following excerpts from my previous post:
  • John Kivela (May 14, 1969 – May 9, 2017)
  • Wu Wenjun (12 May 1919 – 7 May 2017) 
  • Shahpur Gholamreza Pahlavi  (15 May 1923 – 7 May 2017) 
And so we now have a  "May 12, _, 14, 15, 16/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   I had already bridged the May 13 and 14 gap.  So John Kivela's passing away implies to me that May 13 needs reconsidering... that there's someone else the inner twin world have in mind, butt where to begin?!

There is another piece of the "13" puzzle that comes into play-- my birthday, June 13, and my car crash of December 13, 2000-- the pivotal event in my life that enabled me to become aware of my inner twin and the parallel inner twin world at work in our conjoined lives and world.  And now note the following info regarding a notable death recently added to the Deaths in 2017 site:
  • Christopher "Big Black" Boykin (January 13, 1972 – May 9, 2017)
Another 13... the 13th day of the year!!  Note the "big black"... a cryptic meaning to be had there, especially considering his surname "boy kin"-- a cryptic reference to our outer twin "patriarchal" world.  Boykin being born on the13th Day, connects with the other 13th days above, generating a "December 13, January 13, _, _, _, _, June 13/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Bridging the May 13 gap seems to be what the inner twin world is after... although it's not considered "in play" as per the usual game rules.

There are stones left unturned, and the one that comes immediately to mind is the tv series Bootsie and Snudge.  Looking at "Snudge" now, I see that it's an addition to the "Remove a letter Makes a Word" pattern-cluster,  as in remove the "S" makes "nudge".  We are being nudged in this direction!! I had checked out only one from the cast/crew that stood out the most, butt there were others.  Note from yesterdays post, Fuzzy Wuzzy Buzzy Boop...:
So it's the "Bootsie" that caught my eye-- another addition to the "Bootz Theme" pattern-cluster. One of the Directors in the tv series stands out:Eric Fawcett, his surname is an addition to the recent "Fawcett/Faucet" pattern-cluster.
  • Eric Fawcett was born on April 3, 1904 - January 9, 1972)
And so now after perusing the list again, Note the following other cast/crew of Bootsie and Snudge who stand out:

First and foremost, Harry Driver was born on May 13!!  I selected the group because their names fall into a "Car Crash of 2000 Theme" pattern-cluster.  "Harry Driver" settled it for me in regards to investigating the themed group, his name points directly to the Hairy driving of  Raymond Sullivan, the driver of the car that struck mine on December 13, 2000!!!.   And the names Patricia, Barry and Stewart all jive-- Barry Mason and Patricia Mitchell were the lawyers in the shady conglomerate that along with the Judge, ACJ Smith, railroaded me. Barry was "supposed" to be "my" lawyer and Patricia worked for the firm Stewart McKelvie here in Halifax on behalf of The Economical Mutual Insurance Company.  Trust me, there was no "joy" in any of it for me, albeit I now see the once hidden silver lining.  As well, their dates of birth and death stand out along with their names, all of which are designed to communicate in a cryptic fashion.

  As I moved through the list of cast/crew on the series IMDb page, I also checked out a few other names that stood out for other reasons, note the following info on three:
We have two more May 13!!! And Harry Littlewood was born on the day of the year where 222 days remain.  AND do note the cryptic phrase in their names... ie "hairy little would"... "frank/truth little would"... "Rob door dawning".    

Coming back now to the "December 13, January 13, _, _, _, _, June 13/ 13th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster, there are rules in the game that we now need to consider.  Since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of 3 or more, this means that the February 13 gap is fair game... has come into play.  And so bridging the February 13 gap... using the formula as per usual, we arrive at:
  • 2000  Anders Aalborg (August 24, 1914 – February 13, 2000)Cdn politician 
  • 2000 – James Cooke Brown (July 21, 1921 – February 13, 2000)author 
  • 2000 – John Leake(26 October 1949 – 13 February 2000) English soldier
James Cooke Brown stands out given that like "Black", "Brown" is an addition to the "Colour Theme" pattern-cluster, and his middle name is an addition to the "Cook/Hot Theme" pattern-cluster.  His birthday though, doesn't speak to me, butt the birthdays of Aalborg and Leake are both additions to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster... as in one off from my granddaughter's birthday of August 25, and one off from the birthdays of 3 members of my life partners family.  As well, February 13 is also an addition to the cluster... as in one off from Valentines Day... the day of Love!!  This cluster is a way of letting us know that there's a "one off" curve ball in play, one that requires us to stretch well outside the box.  Just above in the list I find the intended persons:
This is our second Hays.  Note the Way and Hay in his name, and then note the title of yesterdays post, PAY MAY DAY.  They all rhyme with my name May... and of course the month of May that we're presently in.  Also note the twin 11 in his birth year... another heads up!!  Note form Hays wiki page :
  • Wayne Levere Hays (May 13, 1911 – February 10, 1989)
And there you have it, another May 13th!!   And above Hays in the list I also find:
  • 1968  Mae Marsh (born Mary Wayne Marsh, November 9, 1894[1] – February 13, 1968) actress 
Her birthday is 11/9, which is a reversal of 9/11... and so speaks volumes!!!
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Walking Boot