Friday, May 12, 2017

Lie Lie Cry

Continuing from my previous post, Note from Oprah's wiki page:
  • Orpah Gail Winfrey (born January 29, 1954)
Venturing to the January 29 wiki page, and then as per usual we use the formula (  and so arriving at:
  •  Lili St. Cyr (June 3, 1918 – January 29, 1999)
 Note the cryptic "lie lie cry" in the name.  As to Lily's date of birth note from my earlier post today, House That Bobs
The Deaths in 2017 site lists under May 11:
  • Alexander Ivanovich Bodunov (3 June 1951 – 11 May 2017)   
His birthday expands a cluster found in yesterdays post, Wahoo:
October 3, November 3, _, _ February 3, March 3, _, _, June 3, _ / 3rd Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster
And so venturing now to the "June 3" wiki page... and cutting to the chase we arrive at: 
 Antonio Rodolfo Quinn Oaxaca (April 21, 1915 – June 3, 2001),[1] more commonly known as Anthony Quinn 
Anthony Quinn
Anthony Quinn signed.JPG
Anthony Quinn, c. 1955

Note his surname Quinn... that means 5... an addition to the recent "Quinn/ 5 Theme" pattern-cluster.   He was born on the 111th day of the year... opposite that of the day of the year that has 111 day remaining which is 9/11!!! 

There are barriers put in the path of the inner twin world's coming out and communicating to us, which they themselves have strategically orchestrated as part of their "Starr Family Production" as demonstrated by the barrier put up by the MacGregor, a barrier that in the end will lead to countless loss of life to those in Florida (where the MacGregor's live) at the time of the event that they are trying to warn about.  The inner twin world have strategically set up their coming out to occur at a tumultuous moment ... and as the earth positions itself to swing back into the next glacial cycle.  Their primary goal is to "come out", and they are using the desperate times that our conjoined/parallel world is in, to help with the process... like sweetening the milk... in our outer twin world we tend to live for the moment and so are like babies in comparison to the inner twin world,  and they know that we won't take kindly to being manipulated even if it's for a good "life saving" cause that we aren't aware of.  Knowing this, they have declared war-- they won't take no for an answer, and as we realize that there is a bigger enemy to face, we will actually turn to them for the help they are prepared to give.  

That is plan A.  Plan B comes into play if Plan A fails:  the residents of Florida perish in hordes... inundundated by the sea ... and followed by a horrid gnashing of teeth as survivors (people and animals) search for food.  So where is the rest of the world in all of this?!   They will be fighting to survive as well... the ramifications will stretch across the board !! 

In the case of plan B, and the realization of the inner twin world and what they have been trying to bring about,  we then need to move fast to assist with saving our conjoined butts.  That means ushering in their  TUSSH mandate (as explained in earlier posts), however this will mean a set back ... the loss of technology.  Enough lives though will be preserved for later rebuilding ... only for future generations to go through this same thing  all over again as the inner twin world tries to then save the day for them.  It's like a skipping record ... and they're trying to stop it... trying to put the needle on track so we can go on together in a much brighter future... where there is no ... or very little setback in comparison, and much of our technology is preserved so we can rebuild quickly.  The first thing that has to happen is an end to the "lie lie cry" cycle