Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sea Evil

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under May 2:
His age,  a "twin" 55, is one heads up.  And his name generates cryptic  "my shell (Michael) grrr (Gurr)" .   The name "Michael" stands out for other reasons, for one the very first post to this blog involves the timely death of Michael Jackson on June 25 not long after the MacGregor's and I had simultaneously experienced a "Michael" pattern-cluster .  That was back when we were friends and so had been emailing back and forth about what we both referred to back then as a "Michael Synchroicity".  In fact, the MacGregor's had posted about it, butt has since censored/deleted it along with a handful of other posts that point back to my version of what's occurring-- not synchronicity, butt the inner twin world's "slight of hand" activity generated by their uncanny ability to influence our thoughts and actions).

 Other things to take into consideration is the fact that the middle names of my two adult children are "Michael" and "Michelle"(the French version), and that Michael Jackson had given the middle name of "Michael" to his children. So the "Michael/My Shell Theme" pattern-cluster runs deep.  The word "departure" also reminds me of how the word "departed" is often used in place of died.

As to the "Gurr" aka "grrr"-- anger implication in his surname, and the title of Gurr's play, "Departure" , what comes to mind is the MacGregor's "departure" from the truth and Michael Jackson's "departure" .  Note the following info on the two Michael's.

On the "Departure" (film) IMDb page some of the cast/crew names stand out:
 Look at the cryptic versions of the names so: June Jago is a cryptic "June Ja (yes) go"; Sean Scully is "young skull y(why)"; Cahill is "chill hill"; ... "bar bar warner"; "rob in men sees/seas/skies/zees"; "mat hew excel"; "sallow" ; "young down/dead"; "soft (Lind) say foot".   They all make perfect sense: Michael Jackson dies in JUNE; Jackson's plastic surgery makes his face looks like a skeleton; One "chills" in the presence of a ghost; the MacGregor's "bar" and "bar" the truth re the inner twin world "Warner's" and as such jeopardizes the lives of many and the future; the "rob" our outer world (men) from seeing the danger in the seas and skies; the MacGregor's excell at matting and hewing the truth ; over time, Jackson's complexion became more "sallow" and ghostly to match his skeletal features;  the warning not getting out to the people in time = down/dead (down); the MacGregor's have been "spoken to softly" up to now, with only "foot" issues (referring to Megan and
Rob's broken left foot) while others have died... that is because the part they play(ed) requires that they remain alive.

On perusing through the list of cast and crew on the films IMDb page I began noticing the advertisements for other films related to the cast/crew member being investigated... some of the images reflect the cryptic communication in the names... and have to do with "dangerous waters".  The most astounding being:

 Robin Menzies is known for her work on Ghost Ship (2002): 

Ghost Ship

Now THAT'S pretty spooky... a skull emerging from the hull of a ship... AND note the cryptic phrase in the title re "Sea (see) Evil"!!

Now I haven't finished investigating all the cast/crew of Departure, butt I did get this far before break time:
  • Julianna Margulies (June 8, 1966)
  • Karl Urban (June 7, 1972)
It's just that Trish MacGregor's birthday is June 7.