Monday, May 1, 2017

Rub a Dub Dumb Ditz

Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt:
* The House of Dancing Water - water-based stage production written and directed by Franco Dragone...
It seems that Trish has a Title doppelganger conundrum!!   As to the inner twin world's meaning behind "Dancing Water", my Tou Sense Worth in the deciphering department isn't so jovial , hence my previous post title re "Swirling Ocean".  

Dancing Waters is a reference to an event that's yet to play out, a cyclical event that occurred several times in the past, however the last one occurred long before recorded history and so todays scientists are just catching up.  Long story short:  the tectonic plates in the Northern Hemisphere is in the process of reconfiguring after the enormous release of ice at the end of the previous glacial period.   Scientists clearly state 2 things: first, that the great sheets of ice had depressed the tectonic plates in the Northern hemisphere; and second, that the centre portions of the plates are in the process of "rebounding" while the edges of the plates that had curved upward as a result of being ice free are "resettling".    It's the "resettling" coupled with "sea level" rising that is the problem, especially places like where the MacGregor's live: Wellington Florida, that's precariously close to the plate edge which happens to be in the Ocean.  So do the math... what will happen as Florida sinks and the Sea's rise?!  That's right... goodbye Florida.

There's something about the name Franco Dragone... the cryptic phrase within re "Frank/Truth Dragon/Drag One".   Franco Dragone's wiki page doesn't provide info regarding his birthday, it does however provide:
  •  Guy Laliberté sought out Guy Caron to join Cirque du Soleil. Caron, in turn, asked Dragone to join as a creator
We have two Guy's in one sentence, a "Guy (x2)" pattern-cluster.  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Guy Caron (born May 13, 1968)
  • Guy Laliberté (born September 2, 1959)
Caron's date of birth stands out, for one my name is May, and secondly I was born on June 13, and my car crash occurred on December 13 (2000)-- the one pivotal event that enabled me to become aware of my inner twin and the inner twin world.  And note the cryptic phrase in their surnames: car on her liberty.  Keep in mind that the "HER" is a cryptic reference to the inner twin "matriarchal" world.

And where there's two, provisions have been made for a third... or more.  Knowing how the inner twin world work, I venture to the "Guy Given Name" wiki page, and because the list is long, I narrow the search by investigating the Guy's who contain a cryptic reference to "Swirling/Dancing Waters" (of the dangerous kind), in their surname.   I settled on:
Note from his wiki page:
Hamilton (16 September 1922 – 20 April 2016) film director. He directed 22 films   
He died on the 111th day of the year... and he was born in the year '22 and directed 22 films... indications that we're on the 'wright' track.  Keep in mind that on the opposite end of the 111 date spectrum is the day of the year that has 111 days remaining ... and that day is 9/11.  Now the question is, why did I choose Guy Hamilton?!  A particular Hamilton has cropped up in earlier posts that relate to "dangerous water": Surfer Bethany Hamilton whose arm was bitten off by a Tiger Shark, one post in particular is my October 7, 2016 post, Wellington's Tiger Shark Park & Stephanie Abrams Sharknado 2.     Wellington's Tiger Shark Park will become a park for Tiger Shark's... not a pretty sight... who wants to be 3 guys rub a dub dub... floating in a tub, when that happens-- DUMB (I know it's not politically correct, butt many... if not most would consider this entire blog to be not politically correct, I included if there wasn't so much at stake)!!

Two of Guy Hamilton's films were Released during a year ending in twin numbers:
Now that's "audd"-- the cryptic "col ditz" in Colditz.  Neither film has anything to do with "dancing waters", butt I chose two actors, one from each film whose name stood out:
What are the chances of each film having another Guy?!  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Guy Deghy (October 11, 1912 – February 25, 1992)
  • Guy Doleman (22 November 1923 – 30 January 1996) 
Note from the Colditz Story:
The surname McGill sounds a bit MacFishy!!  Note from Rhodes wiki page:
  • Christopher George Rhodes (30 April 1914 – 22 June 1964)
His birthday was yesterday.   Now THAT'S what I call making in-rhodes... or should I say "swim rhodes".