Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gasp-- Earth!!

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under
Pierre Gaspard-Huit (29 November 1917 – 1 May 2017) 
Note the "Gasp" in his name, and note  the title of yesterdays post, Gasper Scott!! . His entire name contains a cryptic "stone/rock (peter means "stone/rock") Gasp earth (and) eight (huit is French 8)".   The part re "rock/earth" is a cryptic reference to the earth crust-- the tectonic plates, with the "gasp" indicating something "SHOCKING"!!

Pierre's  date of birth occurred on the 333rd day of the year... now THAT brings on a Gasp!!  We have another addition to the "333 Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster.    And it's also has 32 days remaining and so an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster, as in one off from 333/33.   My previous post makes reference to two Michael's note from their wiki pages:
  • Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) 
  • Michael Gurr (29 October 1961 – 2 May 2017) 
GASP again!!  Note all three birthdays: generating an "August 29, __, October 29, __, November 29/ 29th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.

Also listed on Wikipedia's Deaths in 2017 sites under May 2 is:
Gerry Martiniuk (born c. 1938 - May 2, 2017)
His birthday is not listed.  This is a prompt for us to investigate his wiki page further.  One of the 3 persons mentioned on his wiki page is a MICHAEL, note from his wiki page:
Michael "Mike" Liam Farnan (born January 29, 1941)
And his birthday jives... expanding the cluster: "August 29, __, October 29, __, November 29, __, January 29/ 29th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster. 

Mike's surname is a cryptic "far nan", note the etymology:
  • Nanking ...Chinese "southern capital," from nan "south" + jing "capital." 
 ... and "far" is an addition to the "Rhymes with Bar" pattern-cluster.

The cryptic "far south" is a prompt for us to investigate the "dangerous water" zones that the inner twin world have been pointing out.  On the site re: List of Extreme Points of the US we have:
The tectonic plates of the world
The map at left is taken from the Plate Tectonic Wikipedia page.  It reveals where the plate edges are, and which ones are colliding and creating friction versus the ones that are pulling away:

Keep in mind that during the previous glacial period, the edges of the North American that were ice free had curved upward as a result of the sheer weight of glaciers atop more central portions of the plate had pushed the land inward.  With the continuous melting of the great sheets of ice, the north american plate has responded in kind, moving back to their original shape: central portions rebounding as edges resettle.

According to the map above, the plate edges along the Atlantic boundary are moving apart.  This doesn't bode well for places dangerously near this plate edge, places like Florida, since there's not much to restrict the "resettling" process.  Looking at the North American plate edges along the pacific side, the map indicates that the edges here and that of the Pacific Plate are pushing together, hence acting as a support to this edge that's also "resettling"-- the rubbing together of the plates that is now happening exponentially in the sea is causing the water to warm which in turn generates faster currents and more wind ie hurricane's.  This natural event is the BIG culprit that accounts for global warming, one that scientists are dumb/mum about.  What humans contribute toward global warming pales in comparison to Mother Nature who is simply preparing to usher in her next glacial period. We have been given the heads up... a jolting one yes, however it will save many lives if we hear and heed.

We still have to account for the 8 "huit" in Pierre's name.  The number 8 shares the same key on my key board as the * asterisk, which means "star"... it also looks like a snowflake or flower depending on the font.  The "star" brings to mind what I refer to as the inner twin world's "Starr Family Production"-- their means of coming out and communicating to us at this precise point in time.  They are using this event that poses a great danger to our "conjoined lives/worlds" (metaphorically speaking ... and as represented by the two globes joined in the number 8 ) as a vehicle to come out to communicate to us.

It's also interesting to note that "eight" and "ate" are phonetically identical, and most know ate as the past tense of eat, butt not many no of:
  • Ate Greek goddess of ... blundering mischief, from ate "damage, ruin; guilt; blindness, dazzlement, infatuation; penalty, fine,"...
I don't like to think of it this way, however if people don't wake up in time to warn those living in places like Florida, then when it does happen,  those who will be hit by the next wave of activity brought on as we enter into the next glacial period: those living in the more central regions of the North American Plate, may start to see the devastating evidence... the warnings,  and so act accordingly.