Monday, July 3, 2017

Full 'O Folly Foley

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under July 2:
  •  Smith Stewart Hart (November 28, 1948 – July 2, 2017)
Smith Hart's wiki page starts off mentioning that he's one of 8 brothers who are all professional wrestlers, and one of the 8 stands out in particular :
  • Bret Sergeant Hart (born July 2, 1957)     
Smith died on Bret's birthday.  And now note the following info concerning July 2nd:
the midpoint of a common year -- 182 days before and 182 days after  
Since 2017 is a common year, Smith died and his son was born on the "middle" of the year.  As for Smith's date of birth, it to has significance, note from the November 28 wiki page:
  • November 28: the 332nd day (333rd in leap years)... 33 days remain 
 Since his year of birth was a leap year, he was born on the 333rd day with 33 remaining, hence an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster, on 2 accounts!!

As well, the number 3 has special significance to the inner twin world who use it in their typical cryptic fashion to come out and communicate to us: they influenced the design of number 3 to be the graphic right half of 8, hence 3+3=8 ... it's graphic as opposed to math: reversing the first 3 into Ɛ andthen attaching it to the second 3 makes an 8.  And so now that we are aware of  a second set of identical numbers that equal 8 the next question we need to ask is why... why would the inner twin world influence the hidden design?!  The answer is obvious: for one in cryptic fashion it reflects our parallel worlds --the  4+4=8 (obvious to us) reflects our (obvious to us) world, whereas the 3+3=8  reflects the inner twin world that has been hidden from us (until now); AND, it's also a means by which they strut their power-- their ability to secretly influence our lives and entire world without our being the slightest bit aware.  Also factoring in is the fact that both 3 and 8 are "middle" numbers-- simply count to 10 on your fingers beginning with one baby finger and ending with the other baby finger-- 3 lands on one "middle" finger and 8 lands on the other "middle" finger, that connects now with the "middle" of the year, July 2... and so generating a "Middle Theme" pattern-cluster.

There is one other hidden design concerning number 8 that factors in: it shares the same key on my key board as the # (number sign): it was designed to have "graphic" significance as well, where the # sign is also the cross hatching that's used in line drawings to indicate woven fabric, and so another cryptic communication: "fabricate/build"... designed to prompt us to ask:  "build what"?!

Another of Smith Hart's brothers, had died under circumstance that smacks of inner twin influence,  Owen James Hart.  That the inner twin world influence "timely deaths" is unsettling... it's designed as such, after all, they are in the midst of waging war agains our outer twin world (it will make sense as you discover the message  they've encrypted, and I've learned to decipher, as this blog reveals).

The name Owen Hart contains a cryptic phrase combination of "owe/own heart"... a way for the inner twin world to say that one half of our conjoined "heart" (literally and metaphorically) is "owned" by us, butt the other half we "owe" to our inner twin.   Note from Owen's wiki page:
  • Owen James Hart (May 7, 1965 – May 23, 1999) 
He died on the day of the year where 222 days remain and so another addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster with sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature.   On perusing Smith Hart's wiki page I come across another notable person who connects via the following info from his wiki page:
So we now have a "May 21, _, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  This type of cluster is purposely generated as a means of prompting us to bridge the gap-- to investigate the  May 22 wiki page using the formula as per usual, and so bringing us to the following 3 who are listed one after the other in the Deaths section :
Their birthdays in turn generate  a "March _, 10, 18, 26/ Increments of 8" pattern-cluster, ... and the gap in this case represents the number that's 8 away for the 10th -- March 2.   Keep in mind that March is named after Mars, the God of War!!  I did investigate the March 2 wiki page as per usual : using the formula , however it was one of those rare occassions that not one individual stood out.  This can only mean that the inner twin world has someone else in mind and we just have to see if the date, March 2, surfaces as we continue the investigation.

Note the following info regarding the notable persons mentioned on Owen Hart's wiki page:
  • Howard Finkel (born June 7, 1950) 
  • Roy "RegPark (7 June 1928 – 22 November 2007) 
  • Anthony Norris (born June 6, 1963) 
  • Daniel DeWayne Severn (born June 8, 1958) 
  • Anthony Norris (born June 6, 1963) 
  • Shane Brandon McMahon (born January 15, 1970)
  • Debra Gale Marshall (born March 2, 1960) 
Do note the "June 6(x2), 7(x3), 8/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  I included a third June 7th because it's also the birthday of Trish MacGregor, another key player in the Starr Family Production who is mentioned often ... including the very first post of this blog.  McMahon's birthday stands out because both my son and life partner are born on January 15... they are 22 years apart.  As well, we have a "March 2"-- Debra Marshall's birthday that bridges the gap in the march cluster above.... and do note the cryptic "Mar(war) shall/ Mars all" found in her name.

On Debra Marshall's wiki page are a number of notable persons, some of whom stand out:
  • Alexander "Alex" Wright (born May 17, 1975)  
  • George Harvey Strait (born May 18, 1952)  
  • Nicole Bass-Fuchs (August 10, 1964 – February 17, 2017) 
  • Terri Poch (born August 20, 1964) 
  • Thomas Prichard (born August 18, 1959) 
  • Johnnie Mae Young[3] (March 12, 1923 – January 14, 2014)  
  • Michael Francis Foley Sr.[1][2] (born June 7, 1965)[ 
We now have a "May  16, 17, 18/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... I included May 16 because its the birthday of Rob MacGregor-- another of the MacGregor trio who is a key player in the inner twin worlds Starr family production.  So do note the last person in the above list... he too was born on June 7 and so making it 4.  It's interesting to note his name -- Michael has cropped up three times... meaningful given that the first post in this blogs where the MacGregor's play a role involves a "Michael" pattern-cluster that culminated with the "timely" death of Michael Jackson.  His full name contains a cryptic communication : Michael Frank/truth Folly.  And indeed, the MacGregor's consider it "folly" to "wright" (write right) the truth about the inner twin world and so they go out of their way to censor the truth from their blog (see the first post to this blog).  And also factoring in is that the surname Foley is used as a word today, note from the Foley wiki page:
What is now called Foley is a range of live sound effects originally developed for live broadcasts of radio drama in the early 1920s in various radio studios around the world. Because no effective recording method existed in those days, a sound effects person had to create all sounds for radio plays live. Jack Donovan Foley
Note from Jack Foley's wiki page:
  • Jack Donovan Foley (April 12, 1891 – November 9, 1967) 
His date of death stands out-- 11/9 being the reverse of 9/11... the reverse of war!!  My Tou Sense worth interpretation: it's folly for the MacGregor's to not wright the truth... it's part of why the inner twin world is waging war... tell the truth and they will reverse the war trend.  

AND, returning now to the list, the birthdays of  Thomas Prichard and Terri Poch generate an "August 18, _, 20/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. ... an important cluster given that August 20th is my fathers birthday.   Bridging the gap using the formula  and taking into consideration the "one off " curve ball... and stretching outside the box, we arrive at:
  • James Wright Foley (October 18, 1973 – c. August 19, 2014)
And so we have another Foley.  AND, do note his middle name "WRIGHT'!!  And so do note that this is the third time that the 18th Day has cropped up: 3 additions  to the recent  "18th Day" pattern-cluster... a cluster that began with Rob MacGregor in a post to their synchrosecrets blog.
This is a prompt for us to investigate October 18...  and so using the formula... cutting to the chase:
2013 – Tom Foley, American lawyer and politician, 57th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (b. 1929
Another "Foley" to add to the "Foley ( x4)" pattern-cluster.  

Another wrestler that had cropped up in my investigation seems to fit:
Brian William Pillman[4] (May 22, 1962 – October 5, 1997)
He fits because of his surname and this notable person that cropped up when investigating the May 22 wiki page:
2008 – Robert Asprin, American soldier and author (b. 1946)
You get it ... surely ?!  Note from his wiki page:
  • Robert Lynn Asprin (June 28, 1946 – May 22, 2008)
And do note from the wiki page of Asprin's wife:
  • Marilyn Lorraine "Lynn" Abbey (born September 18, 1948)
 Another 18... and in all, an "March 18, _, May 18, _, _,  August 18, September 18, October 18/ 18th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.
On Pillman's wiki page:
  • Tatsuhito Takaiwa ( born July 5, 1972) 
Tomorrow is Takaiwa's birthday.   There is one final thing that's worth mentioning , note from the  Hart wrestling family wiki page :
Pro Wrestling Noah
An addition to the recent "Noah theme" pattern-cluster.  And when you investigate that, you'll begin to get an idea as to what the inner twin world want us to BUILD!!  I think it's time for that aspirin Rob... or maybe a stronger headache pill.  
And do note from the Aspirine wiki page:
Aspirin, in the form of leaves from the willow tree, has been used for its health effects for at least 2,400 years.[5] In 1853, chemist Charles Frédéric Gerhardt treated sodium salicylate with acetyl chloride to produce acetylsalicylic acid for the first time
Note from Gerhardt's wiki page:
  • Charles Frédéric Gerhardt (21 August 1816 – 19 August 1856)
And so we now have an " August 18, 19(x2), 20, 21 /Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  His death generates an August 20th gap... and like I said above , this is also my fathers birthday... so another heads up... using the formula as per usual we arrive at:
Henry Wilfred "BunnyAustin (20 August 1906 – 20 August 2000)
And taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
  • 1997 – Léon Dion, Canadian political scientist and academic (b. 1922)
Now it may not seem like much to you, butt I recently bumped into a woman that I know from New Brunswick (she rented our summer place -- once  my mom's home in New Brunswick last year), we were travelling back from NB (after selling the place) and stopped at a favourite spot in Nova Scotia for dinner and there she was (on a bus tour to the Halifax Casino)... her name is Leona.  So needless to say we need to delve into the wiki pages of Leon and Leona:
  •  Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley ( July 4, 1920 – August 20, 2007)
  • Léon Dion  (9 October 1922 – 20 August 1997)
How "timely" is that... today is July 3rd !!   An addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.  This cluster is also used to indicate that we are "off track"... as in off track from telling the truth... off track from building what they want built... and off track from a major cat-astrophe!!