Friday, July 7, 2017

Eddy Ward

Continuing on, there are a few loose threads, ie: we need to check out the dates of the three notable persons mentioned in the previous post:
  • John Edward "Johnny" Sauer (August 31, 1925 – March 4, 1996)
  • Addison Joe Baker-Cresswell  (2 February 1901 – 4 March 1997)
  • Robert Henry Dicke (May 6, 1916 – March 4, 1997) 
And so the MacGregor's factor in once again, this time Megan MacGregor, the daughter of Rob and Trish, who was born on the birthday of Johnny Sauer, August 31st.  And then Addison's birthday also stands out given that it's the 33rd day of the year with 332 days remaining... the complimentary opposite of my first post today re:
  • Alcott was born on the 333rd day with 32 days remaining, which speaks volumes ... cryptic volumes that is.
Reading this blog will also educate you on the cryptic meaning of Sauer's middle name "Edward" re "eddy ward".