Friday, July 7, 2017

Rob's Saucer

Continuing from my previous post, and back to the March 4 wiki page ... using the formula and considering the "one off" curve ball, there are 14 others who we need to consider.  First let's deal with the 3 who are just a bit outsider the box, butt a ball in play (as per the "one off" curve ball rules), and so requiring us to stretch

I knew to include the three becaus of certain clues found in their names: Sauer (a cryptic "saucer" as per the "Add a Letter to Make a Word" pattern-cluster); the name/word "Baker" that's synonymous with heating of the Ocean, an worsening event that ultimately leads to a need for the new house design that the inner twin world propose; Robert-- an addition to the "Robert/ Rob(steel)/ Bob(float/cut short)" pattern-cluster; and of course there's "Dicke" ... "dick" as per "Remove a Letter Makes a Word" pattern-cluster... giving us "rich are dick"-- ie: a king does not willingly give up his Crown Jewels, butt he will (reluctantly) if his life or the lives of his loved ones depend on it, and of course that's why the inner twin world have chosen to come out and communicate to us at this precise moment of time-- on the brink of disaster.  Choosing to wait for the last moment (the 11th Hour) lessens the blow re the truth about the inner twin world's existence and the war they have been waging against us... all of which are designed to then have us focus on the greater urgency -- saving the lives of our loved ones and ourselves... and working with the inner twin world in order to do so.

All three "Robert (bob/rob), Saucer, Baker" are designed to point to Rob MacGregor-- a key player in the inner twin worlds "Starr Family Production", and to his place of residence in Florida that is in danger given it's close proximity to a particular edge of the North American Plate (given that it's "moving" away from the adjacent plate) and given the fact that the North American Plate is still "saucer" shaped as a result of the weight of glacial ice during the previous glacial period, a shape that is still in the process of returning to normal shape that equates to Florida falling/lowering into a sea that's in the process of "rising" due to it heating up (hence baker)... coupled with the melting glacial ice that continues to this day.  There is another reason that "saucer" ties in with Rob MacGregor-- he's an author and many of his novels are about Aliens ... hence "flying saucer.  Note the book written by he and his wife, Trish: Aliens in the Backyard (UFO's, Abductions and Synchronicity).

Here are the other notable persons who died on March 4, who we need to consider: