Friday, June 30, 2017

Noah Sigh Are Us

Continuing from my previous post.  It's interesting to note the "Veil" surname of the notable person who passed away today, given that "veil" has been a significant topic between my daughter, son in law and myself just yesterday.  They are visiting from Abu Dhabi, where they've been working for a number of years-- my daughter as interior designer and my son in law as teacher.  Both commented on how many women wear the veil.  And it's true, a huge immigration of Muslims to Halifax has been occurring over the past few years.  In fact, my partner who builds stairways does a lot of work for Muslim contractors-- very kind people she says, and more than willing to work with "her".

The inner twin world are drawing attention to this for a reason.  As well, on investigating January 8th in my previous post,  I also noticed in the births section :
Noah factors into the cryptic communication big time.  And do note the cryptic "Noah sigh are us"!!  And do note that one of the MacGregor's dogs is named Noah!!  Note from Noah Cyrus' wiki page:

Check my previous post to see the dates that stand out.  ... and November 23 is also my mothers birthday... February 22 is the birthday of my grandson; August 25 the birthday of my granddaughter.