Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The Deaths in 2017 site has just added to its  July 3 list:
Paolo Villaggio, 84, Italian writer and actor (Ugo Fantozzi), complications from diabetes
What stands out is the "o" ending both his first and middle name-- a cluster that's commonly found in Italian names.  However what strikes me about it the most is the recent "O/ Oh-Oh/Eau/Water Theme" pattern-cluster (see previous post, Dumb-o Wise-o US President).  Note from his wiki page:
  • Paolo Villaggio (30 December 1932 – 3 July 2017) 
Note his birthday is an addtion to a cluster that occurred in my earlier post today, Noah's Motion in Mocean (Update), expanding it now into a:
A  "December 30, January 30, __, __, May 30,  June 30, July 30/ 30th Day/Month Sequence", 
On Villaggio's wiki page are two films that stand out:
First because they were released in 2000... the inner twin world have a propensity for groups of 3 identical numbers which 2000 has, butt each of the films has one actor in common other than Villaggio:
His name Tom means "twin" in origin and so this is another heads up from the inner twin world.  And it's interesting to note his surname is also a month... the 11th month... the only month with "twin" numbers... that form a "parallel" ... designed to reflect our parallel worlds.  Note from his wiki page:
  • Tom Novembre (born Jean Thomas Couture, 8 November 1959)
He was born on 11/8... one off from 11/9 that is the reverse of 9/11... so one off/off track from reversing the  9/11 "war trend" .  It's interesting that he changed his name to the month of his birth, an inner twin world influence no doubt-- to draw attention to November... that breaks down into a cryptic "nova ember". ... that translates further into "new ember"... and "beginning of a new light" ... "new dawn"... "new heat happening in the "o"/eau/water... in the ocean that will increase to a level that will help to bring about the "eddy ward gory" danger that they recently made reference... which is also a reiteration found in many earlier posts in this blog.