Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Bill

Last night I watched the dystopian utopia film, Equals, and was so impressed that I decided to investigate it further.  On the films wiki page, the names I saw in the opening sentence stood out:
... directed by Drake Doremus, produced by Michael Pruss, Chip Diggins, Ann Ruak, Michael SchaeferRidley Scott, and Jay Stern, and written by Nathan Parker from a story by Doremus. It stars Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart 
Their names generate a cryptic phrase: drake/male duck, door must; my shell/shelter, rid field, scott; jay/10, stern; nick/nick of time water last, wood/hot ultimate; Christ/anoint, stew art.  Anyone following this blog on a regular basis who has an open/creative mind, knows the meaning behind it all.  I will say this, the "drake" and "scott" are cryptic references to the MacGregor's, a family of 3 who are key players in the inner twin worlds Starr Family Production, and as you can garner by their surname, this is where the "Scott" factors in, however as to the "Drake", this is a specific reference to Trish MacGregor (a prolific author) who in the past has used the pen name Allison Drake.

On venturing to the wiki pages of those mentioned in the excerpt above, one birthday stands out:
  • Nicholas Caradoc Hoult (born 7 December 1989)   
It stands out given the following info on a person recently added to the Deaths in 2017 site:
John G. Morris, 100, (December 7, 1916 – July 28, 2017) American photo editor (Life, The New York Times, Ladies' Home Journal).       
And so we have a "December 7(x2)" pattern-cluster.  As for John Morris, that  he died at 100 is another clue of his being singled out by the inner twin world, and then there's the cryptic phrase imbedded in his name: "young/jeune/Jung (John), more is/more rise/more ice". 

Nicholas Hoult being an actor is a heads up-- the inner twin tend to influence actors more than any other group.  On his wiki page are two film's fit the bill, butt one more than the other:
2000The BillHugh AustinEpisode: "The Squad"
On the wiki page of  the "The Bill", the first sentence reads:
The Bill is a British police procedural television series, first broadcast on ITV from 16 October 1984 until 31 August 2010. 
The date that the series ended is meaningful given that it's also the birthday of Megan MacGregor-- the third in the MacGregor trio.   Their blog verifies, read the post : Happy Birthday, Megan! Note regarding the last Episode of  The Bill:

31"Respect: Part 2"

David Lawrence31 August 2010
Final Appearances of DI Neil Manson, Insp. Dale Smith, Sgt Callum Stone, Sgt Jo Masters, DS Max Carter, DS Stevie Moss, DC Mickey Webb, DC Terry Perkins, DC Grace Dasari, DC Jacob Banks, PC Roger Valentine, PC Benjamin Gayle, PC Leon Taylor, PC Mel Ryder, PC Kirsty Knight and CSE Eddie Olosunje
 Note from David Lawrence's wiki page:
David Harsent (born in Devon on 9 December 1942)
And so we now have a "December 7(x2), __, 9/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  As well, as of December 9 there are 22 days remaining in the year... sequences of 2's are a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  Two of the character names in the above list also stands out, Leon  Taylor and Stevie Moss, butt it was a dead end with Leon, however Moss did lead somewhere.  First of all the surname Leon stood out given the title of  yesterdays post, Peach's and Leon's (UPDATE), and Moss stands out due to the following excerpt from the post;
  • Robert Alonzo "Bob" DeMoss (January 27, 1927 – July 23, 2017) 
Their surnames jive-- a "Moss Theme" pattern-cluster.  Note from Stevie Moss' wiki page:

Portrayed byLucy Speed
Definitely the name has cryptic other meaning, note from her wiki page:
  • Lucy Renee Speed (born 31 August 1976)
And we now have an August 31(x3)" pattern-cluster.  So what do we take from the communication ... from the surname "Speed"... and "Moss".
moss (n.) Old English meos "moss," related to mos "bog," ...from PIE *meus- "damp
To "bog down" is also a metaphor ... it affects speed in that to be bogged down is to slow progress.  The name "Lucy" breaks down into "Lu  see/sea"... another name for  wolf ( n.).

As for John Morris, there was one person mentioned on his wiki page who stands out:
Werner Bischof (26 April 1916 – 16 May 1954)
Note from my previous post made yesterday , Angererer...rrrr!!:
The Deaths in 2017 site lists under July 28:
  • Stein Mehren (born 16 May 1935 - 28 July 2017

This isn't the first time that May 16 has cropped up, note the following excerpt from yesterdays post, Angerer's....:

  • Paul Angerer (May 16, 1927 – July 26, 2017
 May 16 is the birthday of Rob MacGregor
 And you can verify again by going to the MacGregor's post,  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!