Thursday, July 13, 2017


Continuing on from my previous post, note this excerpt:
The surname reminds me of Glen  Close ... who you will find on the Wellington Florida wiki page in the Notable Residents section ... where the MacGregor's live... it fitz. 
This isn't the first time that Glenn Close has cropped up as the excerpt implies, and if you key her name into this blog's search box, a number of posts are brought up ie:
It's interesting to note the cryptic "stark" in the title, especially considering this next excerpt from my previous post:
  •  Bonnie Lee Bakley (June 7, 1956 – May 4, 2001) was the wife of actor Robert Blake. 
I'm referring to the cryptic phrase generated by the two surnames, Bakley and Blake (aka "bake" and "bleak/black"), and if you key "bake" or "cook" into this blogs search box, you will see that the word has other cryptic reference that ties into where the MacGregor's live in Florida, one post that crops up that also gives an adequate explanation is: Bolles and Bowles.

On Glen Close's wiki page we have a lead, her husband, note from his wiki page:
  • William Taliaferro Close (June 7, 1924 – January 15, 2009) 
His middle name jives with "ferro" relating to "smith" and so another addition to the "Hot Theme" pattern-cluster... the name is a cryptic "tall lie a hot water/ocean"... which can be taken literally and metaphorically.  His date of death stands out given that he died on the birthday of both my son and life partner... who happen to be 22 years apart.   His birthday also stands out, as this next excerpt from my previous post reveals:
  • Trish MacGregor's birthday is June 7 (see the MacGregor's post: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRISH!!
And now returning to the film Solace, note the following info re some of the cast:

  • Kenneth Allen "Kenny" Johnson (July 13, 1963)
  • Joshua Close (born 31 August 1981)
  • Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins  (born 31 December 1937)
  • Colin James Farrell (born 31 May 1976)
And Johnson's birthday is TODAY... how timely!! Note the cryptic phrase in their names re: young son close hop kins far elle.   And we have a "May 31, _, _, August 31... December 31/ 31st Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Bridging the July 31 gap... and cutting to the chase:
  • Sir Robert William Robson (18 February 1933 – 31 July 2009)