Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dumb-o Wise-o US President

The MacGregor's post today, Our Trump Prediction – Flopped!, includes this image:
The photo is strange-- Trump appearing to have wings for ears!! And this reminds me now of Dumbo the elephant.   The MacGregor's no doubt posted that photo on purpose.


Dumbo is what cuter... I would vote for him, butt the inner twin world put Trump there for a reason... maybe he's not as Dumb-o/Dumb eau/Dumb water... as he appears... maybe he's wise-o... as to wise about the Danger that waits in the Ocean.  

Another thought re the "O" in Canada's anthem re "O Canada"... it's French version is spelled:Ô Canada ... with a ^/roof over the O.  The letter sound of "O" and "Oh" is identical to French "eau", a word that means "water" in English.  These connections are all strategic design influences of the inner twin world.... as is the shape of "O"... and similar number "0"(zero... aka: "zee row"... "the row").   

On the O Canada wiki page are the names of the notable persons who wrote our Canada anthem song and music: 
  • Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier (May 8, 1839 – June 27, 1920)
  • Robert Stanley Weir  (November 15, 1856 – August 20, 1926) 
  • Calixa Lavallée, (December 28, 1842 – January 21, 1891)
What stands out is that August 20th is my father's birthday and January 21 is my daughter's birthday.  And note from my earlier post today, ...Leona Laughs Last: Oui We Met:
  •  Leona Mindy Roberts Helmsley ( July 4, 1920 – August 20, 2007)
  • Léon Dion  (9 October 1922 – 20 August 1997
  • Henry Wilfred "BunnyAustin (20 August 1906 – 20 August 2000)
The portion of the posts title   re "Oui We Met"... I now see a little different... deciphering further into "o u i we met"... that deciphers further into "oh yes, you and I, we met!! ".

And as for January 21st,  it too stands out for another reason, note from my recent June 26 post,
  • Habib Thiam (21 January 1933 – 26 June 2017) 
Note Habib's birthday and then note this excerpt from my recent June 22 post, Lush Kush TUSSH: