Thursday, July 27, 2017

Mouse for Sale

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under July 26:
Her surname is an addition to the "Names are Words" pattern-cluster , strategically designed to communicate.  Note the etymology:
  • foray (n.) "predatory incursion,"  "...pillaging, looting" (see forage (n.)).
The inner twin world has influence our lives in ways that enable them to come out and communicate to us today.  They are at  war against (hence "foray" now brought up) and they have repeatedly communicated this by generating/influencing situations such as this-- Foray's "timely" death and her name.  And how do I know this.  On investigating her filmography section I limit my search to any film that has twin numbers at the end of the year (a trade mark signature of the inner twin world), and in the case of Foray, we arrive at:
1955Mouse for SaleJoanTom and Jerry short 
So a twin '55 in the year... and another mouse!!  I know the Tom and Jerry cropped up not long ago... in relation to my earlier post this month re "Jerry Bird!!".   So from here we continue following the inner twin trail by selecting the first name that stands out from among the list of cast and crew.  After perusing the list, I select:
Animation byKenneth Muse
His surname is also an addition to the  "Names are Words" pattern-cluster , and so a heads up. AND, it's also an addition to the "Add a Letter Makes a Word" pattern-cluster... as in add an "o" makes "MOUSE"!! This is pure strategy.  Note the following etymology:
  • muse (v.) ... "to ponder, dream, wonder; loiter, waste time," literally "to stand with one's nose in the air" ... *musa "snout," ... 
  • Muse (n.) late 14c., protectors of the arts... from Greek Mousa... PIE root *men- (1) "to think." 
 Note from Muse's wiki page:

  • Kenneth Lee Muse (July 26, 1910 – July 26, 1987)

There is one other name in the list that fits the bill, another animator:
  • Edward John "Ed" Barge (August 10, 1910 – September 29, 1991)