Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Lloyd's of London Butt-ol...

Continuing from my previous post, I decided to investigate Lloyd's of London wiki page, and once there I discover that it is also the name of a popular coffee house ... and a film:
The 17th century original shop frontage of Lloyd's Coffee House is owned by Lloyd's of London and has been re-erected on display at the National Maritime Museum.[4] A blue plaque in Lombard Street commemorates the coffee house's second location (now occupied at ground level by Sainsbury's supermarket).[5] It was fictionalized in the 1936 film Lloyd's of London
The inner twin world love encrypting their clusters in film.  On the film's wiki page and located in the sidebar at right is one name that stands out:
Anyone who reads this blog knows that I use "butt" in place of "but"... and this has to do with a "Butt Theme" pattern-cluster that occurred between Rob MacGregor and I a few years back... one that also involves his friend Robert Butts.  Note from David Buttolph's wiki page:
David Buttolph (August 3, 1902 – January 1, 1983)
And we have another January 1 (see previous post).  His entire name, David Buttolph, contains a cryptic phrase:  "day see butt wolf".   It is cryptic