Friday, July 21, 2017

$tarr $pangled ***

The Deaths in 2017 site recently added to their list three notable persons who have more in common, note from their wiki pages:
  • Claude Rich (8 February 1929 – 20 July 2017[1]
  • Jacob Franklin Butcher (May 8, 1936 – July 19, 2017) 
  • Robert Gene "Red" West (March 8, 1936 – July 18, 2017)
We have a "February 8, March 8, __, May 8/ 8th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.  There is another reason why the 8th Day stands out-- two family members are born on the 8th, my exhusband and step son are born on August 8 and January 8 respectively, and now note the following excerpts from yesterdays posts, Noory's Bermuda Triangle a Vicious Circle (July 19, 2017 post): 
Robert Anson Heinlein (July 7, 1907 – May 8, 1988) 
John Wood Campbell (June 8, 1910 – July 11, 1971)    
And then from my recent July 17 post, To Kneel is a Scarey Door, butt... :
  • John William Money (8 July 1921 – 7 July 2006)    
And do note his surname "Money" that together with the above surname "Rich", generates a "Rich/Money Theme (x2)" pattern-cluster... and so you can be sure that there's another.  So altogether we now have a "January 8, February 8, March 8, __, May 8, June 8, July 8, August 8/8th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster, and so bridging the April 8 gap... using the formula  and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball we arrive at: 
Note from their wiki pages:
  • Claire Trevor (March 8, 1910 – April 8, 2000)
  • María de los Ángeles Félix Güereña (8 April 1914 – 8 April 2002)  
Simply more slight of hand influences of the inner twin world!!  We now have a :
  • "January 8, February 8, March 8(x2), April 8(x3), May 8, June 8, July 8, August 8/8th Day, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster
Since the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of 3 or more, we need to locate the intended 3rd March 8.... cutting to the chase:
  • 2011  Mike Starr, American bass player (b. 1966)
  • Michael Christopher Starr (April 4, 1966 – March 8, 2011) 
It's not just his name, his date of birth is 4/4... and the number 4 shares the same key on my keyboard as the $ dollar sign and so another ... the third addition to the "Rich/Money Theme (x3)" pattern-cluster.   It's interesting to note that the number 8 on my keyboard shares the same key as the * asterisk... or "Starr"... and so the name Michael Starr becomes that much more meaningful.  I see the name also as a cryptic reference to "Michael Jackson" ... who is a Starr in more ways than one: his "timely" death is the focus of the very first post to this blog made over 5 years ago on June 19, 2012: Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death RIIP.  There is one other thing that comes to mind when thinking about Money and Starr's, and that is the US... who has a lot of money being one of the richest nations, and they also have many Starr's... not in actual "star" people, butt on their flag, the Star Spangled Banner, where each star represents a State.  The Star Spangled Banner is also the National Anthem of the US , and since many of my posts include singers ie: Michael Jackson, I decided to visit both the Star-Spangled Banner Anthem and Star-Spangled Banner (flag)  wiki page, note the following excerpts, one from each:
  • The lyrics come from "Defence of Fort M'Henry",[2] a poem written on September 14, 1814, by the 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet Francis Scott Key.  Key was inspired by the large ... Star-Spangled Banner, ... 
  • Major George Armistead expressed desire for a very large flag to fly over the fort The larger of the two flags would be the Great Garrison Flag, the largest battle flag ever flown at the time. 
Three things to consider : first we have a cryptic phrase in the name "frank/truth Scott key".  I know exactly what the inner twin world intended by influencing the design of this name-- the Scott being a reference to the MacGregor's (do note their Scottish surname) who are key players in the inner twin worlds Starr Family Production, and the "key" is a metaphor meaning:  "essential".  So the phrase deciphers further into : "truth is essential MacGregor's"... it is key to opening the door that averts disaster for where they live in Wellington Fla... and all of Florida.   Secondly we have the date of September 14, and now note from yesterdays post, :
"September 10(x2), 11(x4), 12(x2)/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster
So we now have a "September 10(x2), 11(x4), 12(x2), __, 14/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster. .. meaning that we're on the "wright" track.  And thirdly, there's the man who inspired the oversized "Starr Spangled Banner", note from his wiki page:
  • George Armistead (April 10, 1780 – April 25, 1818) 
His date of birth and death stand out, note the following excerpts from two of my recent posts made on July 19:
Lew Wallace (April 10, 1827 – February 15, 1905) 
Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) 
Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci (15 April 1452 – 2 May1519)
And note from one of my posts made recently on  July 18:
  • Richard Gordon Wakeford (20 April 1922 – 13 February 2007) 
  • Ted Craig (born April 20, 1948)
 Again, another "timely" influence of the inner twin world, and another  indication that we're on the "wright" track.  We now have an "April 10(x2), 15, 20(x3), _, 30/Increments of 5, Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .

And as for the US Flag and it's origin, note this excerpt from  the Flag of the United States wiki page:
wiki page:
On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress passed the Flag Resolution which stated: "Resolved,... Flag Day is now observed on June 14 
So note the 777 in the year... a heads up, and note the date of June 14... meaningful given the following info from the wiki page of the incumbent/45th US President:
 Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) 
I should mention that my birthday and the birthday of my step granddaughter is June 13 and June 12 respectively.

So bridging the September 13 gap... and cutting to the chase:
  • 1998 – Harry Lumley (November 11, 1926 – September 13, 1998) Canadian ice hockey player 
  • 1998 – Frank Renouf (31 July 1918 – 13 September 1998New Zealand businessman 
  • 1998 – George Wallace  (August 25, 1919 – Sept  13, 1998) 45 Governor of Alabama
  • 1999  Benjamin Bloom (Feb  21, 1913 – September 13, 1999) American psychologist 
  • 2000  Betty Jeffrey (14 May 1908 – 13 September 2000Australian nurse and author 
  • 2001  Johnny Craig  (April 25, 1926 – September 13, 2001) American  sailor,  illustrator 
And of course one stands out... his birthday bridging the April 25 gap to the above cluster
We now have an :
  • "_, April 10(x2), 15, 20(x3), 25 , 30/Increments of 5, Date Sequence" pattern-cluster .  
One more gap to bridge... so cutting to the chase:
  • Paul David  (December 25, 1919 – April 5, 1999) 
His birthday is an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster, notable not only because it's Christmas Day, butt because our current Prime Minister here in Canada was born on December 25th, as was his brother... 2 years apart :
It's interesting to note that  Justin will be attending the Gay Pride Parade here in Halifax this Saturday, note this Globe and Mail article:

Justin Trudeau to march in Halifax Pride Parade