Wednesday, July 5, 2017

11th Hour

At the time I started this post, there were 7 persons listed on the Deaths in 2017 site under July 4th, with four being a twin age  at death, which more than beats the "audds",  and so I consider this a strategic design influence of the inner twin world-- a prompt by the for us to investigate further.   Each of the 4 are additions to the "Twin Theme" pattern-cluster.  Also included in the same cluster is another actor who is also on the July 4th list:
Daniil is included because of the twin "ii" in his name.  The twin "ii" is significant in another respect--  it contains a cryptic phrase "twin I".  Our bodies appear as a single body, however in reality we are  "conjoined twins"... or what I refer to as an "outer " and "inner" twin... our inner twin has been hidden from us outer twin's, at least that is until now as they come out to us).  Each twin can claim to be "I" and so why the inner twin world influenced the name to have "twin I".   Note from Daniil's wiki page:
Daniil Alexandrovich Granin (1 January 1919[1] – 4 July 2017)     
His birthday re "1/1" stands out because the twin 11 is similar to twin II.  And we have an addition to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster... given that it's the first day of the year.  Keep in mind as well that  his date of death, July 4th, is also an addition to the cluster, not just because it's Independence Day in the US, butt for another reason that you can read about in the Header at the top of this blog.

Another notable person listed on the July 4th list stood out because he was so young when he died, and because is age, 22, is a particular inner twin trade mark signature:
  • Ntuthuko Radebe (29 September 1994 – 4 July 2017)  
On investigating Radebe's wiki page further, two notable persons are mentioned, note from their wiki pages:
  • Fazlı Kocabaş (born 1 January 1990)
  • Bartolomé "Tintín" Márquez López (born 7 January 1962 )
So we now have a "January 1(x2)" pattern-cluster in the works, and Tintin's birthday of January 7th is one off from the birthday (Jan 8) of my stepson, hence an addition to the "Off By One" pattern-cluster.  Because the inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of 3 or more, this is a prompt for us to investigate the January 1 wiki page... so using the formula usually brings us to the Deaths section, butt this time I decided to check out the births section.  So also taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
Choosing one, I decided on Bickford because his date of death is 11/9... a reversal of 9/11-- communicating a reverse of the "war" trend.  And if you read yesterdays posts , you'll see that this date had also cropped then. His surname is a cryptic "Bick ford"-- the inner twin world designed it to serve as a prompt-- the "bick" reminding us of "Bic", the manufacturer of pens.  Note from the wiki page of the co-founder:
Only one notable person is mentioned on Bich's wiki page, note from his wiki page:
  • Charles Albert ( 2 October 1798 – 28 July 1849) 
We have a "July 28, 29, 30/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster (july 30th had cropped up in one of my posts made yesterday.   On Bickford's wiki page a few notable persons are mentioned, butt one stands out, and you'll see why when checking out his birth info:
  •  Robert Horton (born Meade Howard Horton Jr.  July 29, 1924 – March 9, 2016)
That his first name is Robert is a bonus -- pointing once again to Rob MacGregor (see yesterdays posts).  Perusing through Bickford's wiki page, one of his films stands out:
And so 11 in the title is annother addition to the "Twin Theme/11 " pattern-cluster.  
That it ended on September 9th, is particularly meaningful given the following from my previous post:
John Blackwell Jr. (September 9, 1973 - July 4, 2017)
Coming back now to Blackwell, and his birthday of 9/9, twin numbers, that speaks volumes... cryptic volumes that is.  The number 9 shares the same key on my computer keyboard as the left bracket that we use to make the unhappy/angry emoticon:
 This does note bode well ... and his surname aka "black well" as much as reiterates the negative tone.
On the "Eleventh Hour" wiki page is a list of guest stars, some of whom stand out, this one in particular:  
  • Lloyd Wolfe Bochner (July 29, 1924 – October 29, 2005) 
The name "Lloyd" has cropped up a number of time throughout this blog -- prompting us to consider "Lloyd's of London" insurance.  And given the "London", it's interesting to note that one of the guest stars has the surname "London", and two other guest stars have the surname Bridges (... as in London Bridge), AND their first names are Lloyd:
  • Julie London (September 26, 1926 – October 18, 2000) 
  • Lloyd Vernet Bridges Jr. (January 15, 1913 – March 10, 1998) 
  • Lloyd Vernet "BeauBridges III (born December 9, 1941)
 London's date of death being an addition to the recent "18th Day" pattern-cluster, is vital...  and connects once again to Rob MacGregor... reading my recent posts will explain it further.  And just to reiterate the importance of this day to the inner twin world, note the following info regarding London's husband:
  • Robert Wesley Troup Jr. (October 18, 1918 – February 7, 1999)
 Note his birthday!! London died on her husbands birthday... and note the 18 in the year of his birth.  As well, his name is "Robert"-- another addition to the "Robert/ Rob(steal)/ Bob(float)" pattern-cluster.   I decided at this point to investigate the guest stars of the "Eleventh Hour", singling out the ones that relate in one way or another to the MacGregor's... namely Rob.  So to begin, here  are the Robert's,  Gregory's and Scott's

  • Robert Bushnell Ryan (November 11, 1909 – July 11, 1973) 
  • Clifford Parker Robertson III (September 9, 1923 – September 10, 2011)
  • Salvatore "RobertLoggia[2] (January 3, 1930 – December 4, 2015)
  • Robert Lansing (June 5, 1928 – October 23, 1994) 
  • Robert Hudson Walker Jr. (born April 15, 1940) 
  • Robert John Wagner, Jr. (born February 10, 1930) 
  • James Gregory (December 23, 1911 – September 16, 2002) 
  • Virginia Lee Gregg (March 6, 1916 – September 15, 1986)
  • Scott Marlowe (1932 – January 6, 2001) 
  • Jacqueline Sue Scott (born January 1, 1932) 
  • George Campbell Scott (October 18, 1927 – September 22, 1999) 
Do note the first one... his birthday is 11/11!!!!  Other's connecting to the MacGregor's: 

  • Morton Stevens (January 30, 1929 – November 11, 1991) 

  • Norman Francis Felton (April 29, 1913 – June 25, 2012) 
  • Samuel Harris "Sam" Rolfe (February 18, 1924 – July 10, 1993)
  • Anne Lloyd Francis (September 16, 1930 – January 2, 2011)
  • James Grover Franciscus (January 31, 1934 – July 8, 1991)
  • Frank Aletter (January 14, 1926 – May 13, 2009)
  • Frankie Avalon (Francis Thomas Avallone; September 18, 1940)

  • Harry Rhett Townes (September 18, 1914 – May 23, 2001)
  • Eleanor Jean Parker (June 26, 1922 – December 9, 2013) 

  • Noah Keen (born October 10, 1920)
  • Norman Fell[1] (born Norman Noah Feld, March 24, 1924 – December 14, 1998)

  • Shirley Knight Hopkins (born July 5, 1936) 
  • Harry Rhett Townes (September 18, 1914 – May 23, 2001)
  • Katy Jurado (January 16, 1924 – July 5, 2002)

  • Edward Albert Heimberger (April 22, 1906 – May 26, 2005)
  • Edward Andrews (October 9, 1914 – March 8, 1985) 
  • Edward Asner (born November 15, 1929)

  • Richard William Bull (June 26, 1924 – February 3, 2014)
  • Veronica A. Cartwright (born 20 April 1949)