Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4 Doppelgänger

Continuing on.  Given the MacGregor's (US blogger neighbour) cropping up in my previous post, and because the inner twin world often influence our posts to connect in typical cryptic fashion, I decided to venture to their blog to see what's up on this 4th of July Independence Day.  Today their post is entitled: Our Trump Prediction – Flopped!Note from the post:
  • I’m hopeful about the prediction from astrologer  Alex Miller.
So I simply googled the name "Alex Miller", and lo 'n behold the first person google brings up is:

  • Alex Miller (born 4 July 1949) is a Scottish football manager and former player...
So not the same Alex Miller, butt check out this name doppelgänger's birthday ... it's TODAY!!   So we have a "July 4(x2)" pattern-cluster.