Friday, July 7, 2017


The Deaths in 2017 site lists under July 4:
  • Ji-Tu Cumbuka (March 4, 1940 – July 4, 2017[1]) 
The inner twin world influenced names to have other meaning and so assisting with their coming out and communicating with us today.  There are a number of clues in the above two excerpts that indicate inner twin world had influenced Ji-Tu's timely death: First there's his "twin" ate at death, 77; secondly there's the "Tu" in his name, a shortened form of "Tou" the name of my inner twin (and so also synonymous with the inner twin world).  "Tu" is also french for "you" -- another design influence.  The name Ji-Tu is a cryptic "I and you/we together".  His surname is also designed to factor into the cryptic communication,  breaking down into "come rebuke a", note the etymology:
  •  rebuke (v.) ...reprimand...  from re- "back" (see re-) + buschier "to strike, chop wood,"  from Proto-Germanic *busk- (see bush (n.))...  
rebuke is "wood" ... connecting to "would"... and to "will".  The inner twin world are "rebuking" us- waging war (influencing timely deaths) and the reason becomes clearer in understanding the meaning behind "chopping wood" ... given that we are the "wood".  We "chop wood" for useful purposes: to clear land for farming; to then use as fuel; to build things ie: homes, boats, furniture, etc.  And so they too have a purpose for "cutting us down", and the reason also has to do with "would"-- our "will" (our choice... our mind's are being prepared).  His date of death and birth land on the 4th-- another design influence that's designed to communicate "for" and "phor" (carry/bear children)... and because the number 4 shares the same key on my keyboard as the $ dollar sign, money is involved.  Since the number 4 corresponds with the 4th letter of the alphabet the words "fish" and "door" also factors in given the original meaning of letter D:
  • ... Dāleth may have developed from the logogram for a fish or a door. 
It's interesting that "fish" crops up given the following info from yesterdays post, ELSE...:
  • 2005 – Max Fisher (July 15, 1908 – March 3, 2005)  businessman, philanthropist 
  • 2006 – Else Fisher (1 March 1918 – 3 March 2006) dancer, choreographer, director 
  • A definite "Fish Theme" pattern-cluster.  Only one of Kombuca's films was release during a year ending in twin letters: Moving (film 1988).  Note from the film's wiki page:

    Release date
    • March 4, 1988
    The film was released on his birthday, hence generating a "March 4(x2)" pattern-cluster.  Keep in mind as well that March is named after Mars the god of War... and July is a cryptic "you lie", so both his month of death and birth contain a cryptic phrase: 4 war (for war)... 4 you lie.  My Tou Sense worth interpretations: they are waging war against us because of our tendency to "lie"... to not tell the truth about the inner twin world because it doesn't suit us... and they have indicated by influencing the MacGregor's "lie/deny the truth"  (see first post to this blog) that in turn enables them to play the "antagonist" role in the inner twin world's Starr Family Production that they use as a means of coming out and communicating to us.

    Since the inner twin world have a propensity for generating clusters in groups of three, we need to find the missing March 4th, and so on the days wiki page, and using the formula  provided... as well as taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
    Alcott was born on the 333rd day with 32 days remaining, which speaks volumes ... cryptic volumes that is.  The number 3 shares the same key with the # (number sign) that communicates "fabricate", given it's graphic appearance  -- cross hatch lines used to indicate woven fabric in drawings.  And then we have the surname "Shorthouse" that breaks down into "short house"... as in "not having built the proper house" (according to the inner twin worlds specs).  Keep in mind that his birthday cropped up in the last couple days... meaning 9/9 (very unhappy)-- the number 9 sharing the same key as the left bracket that we use to make the "unhappy" emoticon :-(...another inner twin world design influence.  That "house" crops up now is connected to "moving" ... butt what kind of moving: as in moving the place of house ... or moving to build the required "tall" order house  ... or both.  And of course that would take care of the the literal aspect... butt what of the metaphor where the new house represents the "moving forward of our conjoined lives/world" into a new light-- where we outer twins have knowledge of our inner twin's and their parallel world.