Monday, January 2, 2017

1 Main Formula

Using the "Formula": To begin, there has to be a situation where dates arise that form a pattern ie: in the situation regarding the first 5 United States Presidents/Founding Fathers: 3 passed away on the same day, July 4th.  Adding to this, is that each of the 3 had signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th).  Their deaths generate a "July 4(x3)/Deaths of Early US Presidents/Founding Fathers" pattern-cluster.  ... and are also additions to the "Notable Day" pattern-cluster.

The above example gives credulence to the saying "Things Come in Three's" (good and/or bad).  My claim is that the saying was strategically promoted by purposely generating series of events such as the "timely" deaths of 3 US Presidents.  Essentially: their deaths were generated for the purpose of communicating:  a cryptic message.

There are other patterns.  For instance in my immediate family, both my son and life partner are born on January 15, exactly 22 years apart, and so generating a "January 15(x2)" pattern-cluster.  This is a prompt for us to investigate the January 15 Wikipedia page in order to find the intended 3 (or more) as per the saying: Things Come in Three's, a saying that we're now expected to use as a guide post as we venture to the Death and/or Birth sections...  and to those who died/born on January 15 during a year with "3" identical numbers at the end.  I usually limit my search to the Deaths Section, however the Births and Events section also apply.  

And there are what I refer to as "gapped clusters".  An example of this is the January 21st birthday of my daughter and her son(my new grandson), January 23, that generates a "January 21, __, 23/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  Again, the gap serves as a "prompt"-- we're to investigate the January 22nd wiki page.

The investigations don't always provide.  In the rare case that there are no deaths with identical numbers at the end of the year occurring on the day investigated, I will then check out deaths occurring in 2011, and venture to the Births and Events Sections, again limiting my search to those born during a year having 3 identical numbers at the end.  When we locate the intended person(s), we investigate the finer details for the cryptic message imbedded within.  

That is "generally" how things go, however there are instances where the inner twin world throw what I refer to as a "one off curve ball" into the mix.  As an example, let's say we're investigating a notable person who has recently passed away, and we discover that on his wiki page there are a number of notable persons mentioned, 2 of whom have dates (birth/death) that form a sequence, and then a third or more persons whose date of birth/death is "one off" from a notable date ie: 9/11 (as in the Terrorist Attack of 2001) or Christmas Day.  In this case, the addition(s) to the "Off By One" pattern-clusters indicate a "one off curve ball" that serves to prompt us to take into consideration the years that are "one off" from ie 1999 and 2000... and in some cases to stretch further: A name that's caught my eye because it fits into the cryptic communication in some way (as designed/intended).  Another example of a curve ball would be a pattern cluster of identical names near those who died in 1999 and 2000, note the following example on the January 28 wiki page:
As you can see, I arrived at the year 1999, where there are 2, butt my eye just happened to catch the "Hog Theme" pattern-cluster in the two surnames highlighted in rose.   And one of the two names, Hogarth has the word "art" within that connects with the occupations of the above highlighted in green.

I did a followup investigation in my post , Hog