Sunday, January 29, 2017


The birthdays of certain members of my immediate family generate the following clusters:
  • "January 15(x2)" pattern-cluster
  • "January 15(x2), _, 19, 21, 23/ Uneven Number Date Sequence" 
  •  "June _, 12, 13" pattern-cluster.   
  • "__, January 23, February 22/ Month, Day Sequence" pattern-cluster.   
Making up the clusters:  my son and life partner born on January 15 (exactly 22 years apart); the birthdays of my brother, my daughter, and her new born son (my second grandson) is January19, 21, 23 respectively; my step granddaughter and my birthday are June 12 and 13 respectively; the birthday of my second grandson is February 22nd.

Two of the clusters (the second and fourth in the list above) include the recent birth of my newest grandson, Emmanuel, with each have particular meaning: the first due to the fact that his birthday connects with his mothers, and the last one because it involves both my grandsons.

For the purpose of this investigation, I decided to focus on the fourth cluster.  The gap in the cluster represents "December 24th", and as you can see, all three dates generate a "Month" and "Day" sequence.  This is a typical cluster designed as a means of prompting us to investigate the missing date.  This entails venturing to the December 24th wiki page where we then apply the formula provided by the inner twin world, and so we arrive at the following notable persons and info:
  • 2002 – Jake Thackray (27 Feb 1938 – 24 Dec 2002) singer-songwriter guitarist 
So we now have the following clusters:  "January 18, 19, _, 21, _, 23, 24/Date Sequence" pattern-cluster; the now expanded "January 15(x3)" pattern-cluster ; a "January 19, February 19, March 19/ 19thDay, Month Sequence" pattern-cluster.