Sunday, January 22, 2017



Note from yesterdays post, Persson:
  •     ...because of the "October 28(x2) pattern-cluster, I decided to investigate --- locate the third.  Using the formula as per usual ... and taking into consideration that the inner twin world are throwing a mean curve ball as of late, I arrive at: 
 Erling Persson (21 January 1917 – 28 October 2002) 
As the post mentions, her birthday is the same as my daughters.

Her surname also stands out given that it's an addition to the recent "Letter Removed from Name Makes Word" pattern-cluster  : removing one 'r' gives us "person".  I'm reminded now (as intended by the inner twin world) of what's known here in Canada as the "Persons Case"-- involving a court decision re : Edwards v Canada, where 5 women sue for the right to be declared "persons" under law!!  Note from the Persons Case wiki page:
Court membership
Judges sittingLord Sankey, L.C.
Lord Darling
Lord Merrivale
Lord Tomlin
Sir Lancelot Sanderson
Two of the judges stand out:
  • John Sankey, 1st Viscount Sankey (26 October 1866 – 6 February 1948) 
  • Sir Lancelot Sanderson  (24 October 1863 – 9 March 1944)
And so we have an "October 24, 26, 28/ Even Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.  
As for the five women, one stands out given that her birthday adds to the cluster :
  • Nellie Letitia McClung, (20 October 1873 – 1 September 1951)
Expanding the cluster to a :
October 20, _, 24, 26, 28/ Even Number Date Sequence" pattern-cluster