Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump Paine

Continuing on, and coming back now to the western series, Trackdown, there's the issue of actor Lawrence Dobkin, did he actually play the part of a man with the surname "Trump"?!  It appears not when you investigate the series IMDb page:
This doesn't mean that the inner twin world didn't play a hand in "bumm steering" the MacGregor's.  This should be a warning to their followers: not to believe everything that the MacGregor's say. And it doesn't mean that there isn't anything of worth to be garnered from "Trackdown" and Lawrence Dobkin, because as you can see, I've uncovered alot!!  And then having said all of that, it could very well be that Dobkin did play a fellow named Trump, butt it failed to be mentioned on the series IMDb page.