Friday, January 20, 2017

Fisher, Fischer, Vischer

Fisher, Fischer, Vischer PART 1:

The Deaths in 2017 site lists under January 19
His surname is a cryptic "big silver", and due to the recent "Pirate Theme" pattern-cluster, I'm reminded of the fictional character, Long John Silver.  On perusing  his wiki page, this stands out:
"Big Finish", jives with the title of my previous post, Finnish Duck , a title I chose due to the "Duck/Drake" and "Fin" theme pattern-clusters occurring at the time and because one of the posts investigations brought up Finnish poetry researcher Julius Krohn (19 April 1835 – 28 August 1888).
Hmm, it's interesting to note that the "inn" in "Finnish" removed gives us "Fish" which is particularly meaningful given the recent "Fish Theme" pattern-cluster... and note two of the surnames mentioned above re clients of Silver: Fishburn and Fyvush.  Fishburn is an obvious addition to the cluster, and as for Fyvush, just remove the "vu" and you get "Fysh"... like "Fynn" is close enough "fin", "Fysh" is close enough to fish.   On Fishburne's wiki page one of his films stands out:
1993Searching for Bobby FischerVinnie
The etymology of the surname Fischer is "fisherman" and so another addition to the "Fish Theme" pattern-cluster.  The Bobby Fischer is reference to real life notable chess champion:
Note the anniversary of his death was just two days ago!!  This is a prompt for us to venture back to those listed under January 17 on the Deaths in 2017 wiki page, note what I found:
  •  Daniel Vischer (16 January 1950 – 17 January 2017)
Indeed, the etymology of his surname Vischer is "fisherman"!!  And, he died one day before his birthday.  As well, both my son and life partner are born on January 15, and then my brother is born on January 19 and then my daughter's birthday is January 21 and my stepson's is January 8.  The joke in our household (when our 3 kids live at home), was that all are born in January... even the dog, except for me.  So we now have a "January 8,......15, 16, 17(x2), _, 19(x2), _, 21/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.