Friday, January 20, 2017

Sick Pope, War Pope

On the Notable Persons surnamed Pope, I peruse the list for anything that stands out and arrive at a particular group of 3-- the only ones listed under "M":
There are many reasons why their names stand out, butt I'll begin with the first initial "M".  You will understand more about why this letter is important to the MacGregor's and I if you did the homework I left with you in my previous post: read the first post in this blog, Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP)Posted on June 19, 2012.  And on a more personal note, there's my April 1, 2012 post in my earlier Toumai blog, entitled Rolling Rock Lager and MMM Synchrosecret.  Note the following excerpt from the post:
Thanks, MMM! That's our daughter too, Megan Maya MacGregor!
Your synchronicity hits home for us. Trish and I were just noting recently that everyone who works behind the desk at our gym is named Mike. Three of them. There was also a Mark, but he left: didn't fit in. ;-) Then, Saturday, one of the past employees came into the gym. He's married to a trainer. His name: Mike.
So Megan Maya MacGregor's initials are MMM.  And by the way, for those of you who are new, my name is May Monique Mary Ocean.  

Coming back now to the list of 3 Pope's, the first name "Mal" is a French word for "sick" (short form of "malad"... and related to "malady"), and this is meaningful given the recent "Sick/Greed Theme" pattern-cluster occurring in the last two days, and so "Mal" is an addition, AND a heads up.  The other two names "Mark" and "Martin" originate from Mars, the God of War... and indeed the inner twin world are waging war against our outer twin world.  They influence illness and death to occur in "timely" manner that serves to "come out" and "communicate" to us... and part of that communication is a declaration of war-- a definite "malady" that we need to tend to!!

Now there's another thing to consider in regards to the letter "M"-- it, along with "N" shares the "MIDDLE" of the Alphabet, and when you read the first post in this blog, you'll note that the role Michael Jackson plays via his "timely" death, has to do with the fact that he gave all three of his children the middle name "Michael"... and I gave my two children (in 1979 and 1981) the middle name "Michael" and "Michelle" (which is a French version of Michael).  So being aware of the "M/Middle Theme" pattern-cluster, I would easily wager (and win) a bet on that Mark Pope, who lays in the "middle" will stand out on further investigation.  So note from his wiki page:
  • Mark Edward Pope (born September 11, 1972)
We all know what 9/11 signifies-- the horrific events of 2000 occurring in the US ... that brought down the "Twin" Towers... so many lives lost.  And then how many think about the uncanny signatures: that as of the day of 9/11 there are 111 days remaining in the year... or that 9-1-1 is the emergency call line in Canada and the US?!   These are not coincidence of synchronicity, they are "pattern-clusters"-- purposely designed by the inner twin world via their incredible and seamless ability to influence our thoughts... and thus our actions.  Note from the wiki pages of the other two:
  • Maldwyn "Mal" Pope (born 18 May 1960
  • Martin Pope (born August 22, 1918)
Both dates stand out, Martin's due to the twin 22 -- another addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster  ... with sequences of 2's being a particular trade mark signature.  As for Mal, his birthday connects with Rob MacGregors birthday of May 16, hence generating a "May 16, _, 18/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.   Now here's the strange part ... I moved to bridge the May 17 gap as per usual and using the formula, butt I accidently keyed in May 16, and as I was scrolling down the list of names in the births ... which is also 'audd' because I generally skip right to the "deaths" section as per the formula.  Anyway, I chalk this up to my inner twin's influence.   And then while still in the births  section a name caught my eye, note from his wiki page:

  • Pope Innocent XI (16 May 1611 – 12 August 1689)

Thomas John "TomPope (born 27 August 1985