Friday, January 20, 2017


The MacGregor's post today, Trump Trackdownmakes reference to a  1958 Western called Trackdown, where one episode, a snake-oil salesman named "Trump" talks about building a wall to save everyone, he verified at 

Since Rob's making a connection to Donald Trump,  I decided to venture to the wiki page of  the film Trackdown.  The list of cast is HUGE... there must be over 100, and so I decided to simply investigate the names that stand out, and so narrowing things down significantly, butt I'm still left with quite a few.  So the ONE actor who stands out the most is:
And it's her surname that grabbed my attention, given that Bennett is the surname of my life partner, Cath. Note from Marjorie's wiki page:
Her birthday is  January 15!!   My life partner... Cath's birthday is also January 15... AND it's also the birthday of my son, Chris... they are are 22 years apart to the day!!  And so we have a "January 15(x3)" pattern-cluster.  And there's more, her date of death is also the birthday of Donald Trump!! Note from his wiki page:
The part that Marjorie Bennett played, Hetty Lake, is meaningful.  For one, note the etymology of Hetty:
Diminutive of HENRIETTA or HESTER.
  • HESTER.Possibly "star" ... Alternatively: the name of the goddess ISHTAR.
  • HENRIETTA From Heimirich ... from heim "home" and ric "power, ruler".
It's hard to believe it, butt Donald Trump is not just "home ruler" in the US... he's a "STARR"-- he is influenced by the inner twin world to be wealthy... and to be precisely where he is at right now.  Now that doesn't mean it's a good thing.  The inner twin world are waging war against us don't forget, and he may be about to play the part of "antagonist"... and then again he may somehow redeem himself... somehow.  The proof will be in the pudding, butt I won't be holding my breath.   It's a hard thing to second guess the inner twin world, although the one thing we can be sure of, is that they have control, and will continue to wage war against us until we "get it" and "get with their program"!!

Of other cast I chose to investigate, two were born on June 14  and one died on June 14:
 The first name's etymology is "ruler hardy jackal".  I'm reminded now of another film, The Jackal.   On the films wiki page, I notice another Richard (actor) in the sidebar at right, note from his wiki page:
  • Richard Tiffany Gere (August 31, 1949)
His birthday is the same as Megan MacGregor's, the daughter of Rob and Trish MacGregor, all three being key players in the inner twin worlds "Starr Family Production".  On perusing the wiki pages of the cast and crew the one that stands out next is:
  • Yuri  Stepanov (June 7, 1967 – March 3, 2010)
His birthday is the same as Trish MacGregor's!!  And note the cryptic "step a nov"... with "nov" being short for "novel"... meaning "new"-- a way of saying "a new step".  

Since January 15 plays such a big part, it's worth our while to investigate further.  Venturing to the January 15 wiki page and using the formula as per usual, and taking into consideration the "one off" curve ball, we arrive at:
Normally I don't stretch out so far, butt the surname "Fisher" is an addition to the recent "Fish Theme" pattern-cluster  and so now serving as an indicator to stretch.  Note from their wiki pages:
  • Gulzarilal Nanda (4 July 1898 – 15 January 1998)
  • Junior Wells (December 9, 1934 – January 15, 1998)
  • Betty Evelyn Box (25 September 1915 – 15 January 1999)
  • Georges-Henri Lévesque (February 16, 1903 – January 15, 2000) 
  • Leopold Samuel "LeoMarks (24 September 1920 – 15 January 2001)
  • Michael Anthony Bilandic (February 13, 1923 – January 15, 2002) 
  • Robert Theodore Ammon (August 30, 1949 – October 20, 2001)
  • Doris Fisher (May 2, 1915 – January 15, 2003)