Thursday, January 19, 2017

Break Drake Brake

Kipper Snacks Part 6: 

Note from Trish MacGregor's wiki page:
Patricia Janeshutz MacGregor writes most of her award-winning mysteries under the pen name of T.J. MacGregor. As Alison Drake 
One of her "pen" names is "Drake"... which is also a word for a male duck... so jiving with my earlier post today, Hook Duck!!   As for the word drake, we have to consider the possibilities and so requiring us to think outside the box.  For one Drake rhymes with "brake" and "break"... two words that are seemingly unrelated albeit the inner twin world designed the similarity for a reason.  What comes to mind is a cryptic phrase : "stop breaking/braking". .. or "Break Drake Brake".  I wan't thinking in the literal sense, butt it could be a warning for Trish to check the brakes on her car... or it could be that her inner twin will influence her/their braking ability ... which in the literal sense is not a good thing.  AND/OR-- there's the "brakes" that first came to mind-- the braking that thwarts the inner twin world's move to prevent another sort of "breaking" that poses to devastate the MacGregor's and many others living in Florida.