Friday, January 20, 2017

Pope, Pope, Pope!!!

On Laurence Fishburn's wiki page two of his films stands out

Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films
2000Saturn AwardBest Supporting ActorThe MatrixNominated
2015Saturn AwardBest Supporting Actor on TelevisionHannibalWon
They are paired together in the same genre... as intended by the inner twin world's.  The Matrix came out in 1999 and so that alone warrants further investigation, butt the cryptic "May Tricks" in the films title is yet another kettle of fish (pun intended)!!  And as for the film title "Hannibal", it too breaks down into a cryptic "handy nigh ball/balance"... and on top of that, note the title of yesterdays post, Palmiwork, that's a cryptic play on "Handiwork".  This... what you see occurring here and now in this blog, is the handi/palmiwork of the inner twin world!!

Perusing the Matrix wiki page the surname of the Cinematographer mentioned in the sidebar at right, stands out:
CinematographyBill Pope
Now we can all agree that the surname "Pope" is not that common ... right, well now note this excerpt
from my earlier post today, Finnish Duck:
  • Cassadee Blake Pope[5] (born August 28, 1989) 
  • John Edwin Pope[1] (April 11, 1928 – January 19, 2017)
Note from Bill Pope's wiki page:
His birthday is the birthday of this blog-- my first post made on June 19!!  I included the other info mainly because the cryptic phrase in the name re "eddy guard write/right".  I often use "wright" (a
cryptic combination of "write right") in place of "write" in referencing what I'm doing in this blog--
"writing right"-- the truth about the inner twin world... as opposed to the MacGregor's who lie and cover up the truth-- everything they can to thwart the inner twin world because it interferes with their money making scheme ie: the sales of their Astrology books, because of the obvious: the slight of
hand activity of the inner twin world enabled them to hoodwink people into considering astrology... and various religions as "viable".  So this would be a good time to read the first post in this blog, Censoring Around Michael Jackson's Death (RIIP), given that it gives some background on the MacGregor lie and censorship campaign.   Grant you, in all fairness, the inner twin world influenced the lives of the MacGregor's in such a way that they now play the part  as antagonists in their "Starr Family Production"-- the means they have chosen to "come out" and "communicate" to us at this point in time.  They play their part as I play mine-- we are simply part of their "slight of hand" scheme.   Note from Wrights wiki page:
  • Edgar Howard Wright (born 18 April 1974)
His birthday is another notable day... according to Yoga instructor Rob MacGregor, due to the following info:    
Note from the MacGregors blog:Cubs and the mystery of 108 Posted on  by Rob and Trish
When I teach meditation workshops, we often repeat chants, such as Sa Ta Na Ma (Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth) 108 times. The number is sacred in yoga philosophy and Hinduism. I wrote a blog post about the number here a … Continue reading  
On the Hannibal wiki page the following catches my eye:
Based onCharacters from Red Dragon
by Thomas Harris
For one, we have an addition to the recent "Colour Theme" pattern-cluster ... where "red" had also factored in.  Keep in mind the recent "Drake/Duck" pattern-cluster and then note the etymology:
And note the name Thomas cropping up once again... a name that means "twin" in origin and so a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  Note from his wiki page:
Thomas Harris (born April 11, 1940)
So back track now to  the above re :  John Edwin Pope who died yesterday... he too was born April 11!!