Thursday, January 19, 2017

Kipper Snacks

Those of you following this blog are aware of the recent "Fish/Fin Theme" pattern-cluster that eon investigating leads yesterday expanded to include "Wooden Boats" and "Pirates".

It occurred to me that the word "finger" has "fin" within and I couldn't help butt wonder why the inner twin world had designed the similarity.  This time, while visiting the Deaths in 2017 site, and because no one seemed to jump out at me, I did something that I don't usually resort to-- closed my eyes and let my "finger" land on the screen where ever ... after all, the inner twin world have genius capability for this kind of thing, so why not!?  I opened my eyes and saw my finger pointing out:
Peter Kippax, 76, English cricketer, Alzheimer's disease.
The first thing that occurred to me, was his very 'audd' surname... seems to me like a short form of "Kipper Snacks"-- made by Crown Prince Inc.: Sustainable Canned Seafood...
On the Crown Prince Inc. wiki page the first thing I notice is the "pirate" theme in the upper corners, on the left is a cartoon fish dressed as Captain Hook holding an opened treasure chest that contains what appears to be an open scallop shell containing a ring.  On his shoulder is a scowling crab wearing a pirate's bandana and eyepatch... and a larger version of the same crab is depicted on the upper right corner of the page.

There is not doubt in my mind that the inner twin world has brought us here.... and that Peter Kippax's death was timely.  So I examine the excerpt above, looking for any other clue.  What I see next is the "cricketer", and I'm reminded of the recent "Pinnochio" pattern-cluster...the story also having a cricket character: Jiminy Cricket.  And then it dawns on me, the similarity with "pin", "fin"... and Jim (somewhat).  And the etymology site reveals a common origin:
  • fin (n.) ... pinna "feather, wing" (see pin (n.)); spina "thorn, spine" (see spine). 
  • pin (n.) ... from Latin pinna "a feather... "a wing;" also "fin, ... applied to "points" of various sorts, from PIE *pet- (see pen (n.1)). 
 What I find meaningful is the "spine" and "pen"... and I'm reminded that the inner twin world have spent much time encouraging others to "wright" (write right)-- the truth about the inner twin world... which of course takes "spine".  So Jiminey Cricket is our next lead, butt before venturing down that road, I investigated Peter Kippax's wiki page and the notable persons mentioned to garner the following: