Thursday, January 19, 2017


Kipper Snacks Part 5: 

Note this excerpt from the MacGregor's post today, Marches on January 21:
  • We’ll be at Trump Plaza in downtown West Palm Beach
The inner twin world's handiwork... or should I say "palmiwork".   On the West Palm Beach wiki page I come across:
• MayorGeraldine "Jeri" Muoio 
  • Geraldine "Jeri" Muoio (born February 14, 1948[1]
WHOAH!!  Her date of birth is Valentines Day, butt there's more to it, note this excerpt from my earlier post today, Black and White:
Since Blaik, Blackwell and Hyde-White are related, lets investigate their wiki pages first:
  • Earl Henry "Red" Blaik (February 15, 1897 – May 6, 1989)
  • Otis Blackwell (February 16, 1931 – May 6, 2002) 
We have a "February 14, 15, 16/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster... I included February 14 given that it's Valentines Day.  
So how "timely" is THAT!!