Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Frank o

Continuing on, investigating leads  in my last 2 posts, resulted a "June 11, 12(x2), 13" pattern-cluster.   

At this point I should also mention that US President Trump was born on June 14, and so expanding the cluster. The inner twin world tend to generate clusters in groups of three, and because two June 12's had cropped up, this was purposely designed as a means of prompting us to google June 12, and so bringing us to the days wiki page where we use the formula provided, however, as I was about to click on the link to the days wiki page the following caught my eye:

Famous birthdays

What immediately stood out were the two "Frank's": Anne Frank and Dave Franco... and interestingly enough, they are both Jewish.  Not only do we have a "Frank" pattern-cluster, butt the name is significant to the inner twin world who use it to communicate-- the name also being a word that means "frank... blunt truth".