Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kneel Morrow

Even though the IMDb page doesn't credit to Lawrence Dobkin playing the part of Walter Trump, it's Episode Guide does:

"The End of the World"

Trackdown Trading Card

Season 1, Episode 30
First Aired: Friday May 9, 1958
Directed by  Don McDougall
Written by John Robinson
Starring:  Robert Culp as Hoby Gilman
Guest Stars:
Lawrence Dobkin as Walter Trump
Claudia Barrett  as Dora McHenry
Dabbs Greer as Sheriff Chet Farrow 
Richard Hale as  Judge Clement
Neyle Morrow  as Fred
Gene Coogan as Townsman (uncredited)
Troy Melton as Townsman 

 Note from the following info re Lawrence's Dobkin and then the actors name that stands out the most to me:
Lawrence died on Morrow's birthday!!  Neglect Morrow stands out due to the cryptic "Kneel Tomorrow" ... the etymology says the origin of morrow is "morning".