Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sea Me 2

 Continuing from my previous post, I decided to investigate Dave Franco, note from his wiki page:
David John "DaveFranco (born June 12, 1985)
2010Charlie St. CloudSully
201422 Jump StreetEric Molson
2016Now You See Me 2Jack Wilder
I selected the three films from the list of Filmography because their titles stand out.  The first one due to the "Cloud" in the title... that forms a cluster with the "Cloud" in the title of my previous post, Manny... Many Clouds .  The second one stands out due to the twin 22-- an addition to the "Identical Number Sequence" pattern-cluster... with sequences of 2's being a particular inner twin trade mark signature.  The third title stands out due to the cryptic phrase within re "now you see me--Tou"... the "Tou" being the name of my inner twin -- a name that i cite way back in my first blog "Toumai", that I began in 2009, note this excerpt from a post in the blog entitled,  7 Celebrities Die May 21-27, All have "Lee" in their Name:
Shortly after 2000,  when the name "Toumai" had cropped upp twice , I   immediately recognized it as a synchronicity.  It was enough for me to look a little closer and take note of so much more.   First of all the meaning behind the word "Toumai" was meaningful, coming from the Goran language  (spoken by nomads who live in the Djurab desert in Africa).  Toumai is a name that they often gave to babies born during the dry season ... because it means "Hope for Life".  Naturally, these babies had to struggle that much more to survive, and I thought perhaps it would be a good name for the saga that I (and Tou) had been creating .  
I saw that when broken down into two syllables the name becomes Tou-Mai, and I also noted that the second syllable, "Mai" was another version of "May", which happens to be my given name (and the month).    So I did the math-- another version of "Toumai" then is "Two-May".    Indeed, I had come to consider that I am nott just one, butt "two may".  I know now, without a shadow of doubt, that at that moment, I had been formally introduced to my   inner twin-- Tou.  Consider this: another version "Two" is  2... and/or the Roman numeral  II, which  requires you to use the capital "I" key  twice -- so note the "twin I" in II!!  Things like this are everywhere and they did nott happen by mere accident/coincidence, they fall into the category of synchronicity--evidence of the inner twin ability to influence our thoughts and actions.  They have and been setting upp the synchronicity stage for quite some time.  

Coming back now to the first of Franco's film's listed above, one of the actors stands out:

So the cluster expands into a "June 11(x2), June 12(x3), June 13, June 14/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.