Friday, January 20, 2017


Fisher, Fischer, Vischer PART 2:

Continuing from my previous post, note the following excerpts:
The name Tom Baker stands out given that Tom means "twin" in origin... and a particular signature of the inner twin world.  Tom's surname "Baker" connects with another surname that cropped up in the post: Fishburn... aka "fish burn".  This is the inner twin worlds cryptic way of making reference to an event that's now occurring-- the "heating" of the Ocean.  Note from Baker's wiki page:
  • Thomas Stewart "TomBaker (born 20 January 1934)
TODAY is Tom's birthday!!  And his birthday is an addition to the cluster in my previous post:
  • "January 8,......15, 16, 17(x2), _, 19(x2), 20, 21/ Date Sequence" pattern-cluster.