Friday, January 20, 2017

Papa Pope

Given the "Pope Theme" pattern-cluster, I decided to venture to the present day Pope's wiki page:
Pope Francis (17 December 1936) is the 266th and current Pope 
First of all note his surname-- a cryptic "frank/blunt truth".  And then the twin "66" in 266.   Note the etymology:
  • pope (n.) Old English papa (9c.), from Church Latin papa "bishop, pope" (in classical Latin, "tutor"), from Greek papas "patriarch, bishop," originally "father."
Pope means "Father"-- a cryptic reference to our outer twin "patriarchal" world that is complimentary opposite to the inner twin "matriarchal" world, who are now communicating to us that it's time for the "frank truth" to come forward to our outer twin patriarchal world.

Numbers play another role-- the numbers on my keyboard share a key with a symbol (as designed by the inner twin world) that serve as a cypher. The twin 66 for instance draws attention to the ^ "roof/hat" symbol that shares the same key with the 6.   This is a reference to "shelter"... they have been communicating for quite some time that we need to modify our present day shelters to accommodate a massive change that our world is about to embark on-- the next glacial event... to which our present day shelters are inadequate, and not just in the colder climate areas of the north and southern hemispheres, the world over will experience a wide variety of "ill" effects.  The inner twin world have influenced and "timed" things in our world for perhaps thousands of years, that would inevitably bring us to this point where we can now be aware of their presence and activity... and power.

Keep in mind that to influence a "timely" death or "injury" they suffer the same.  So a sacrifice such as this make it a war like no other-- they are obviously desperately trying to save us from a much greater travesty... they are doing what they must in order to get us on a track that will save our conjoined lives/world in the end ... under time constraints.