Saturday, March 11, 2017

You Say Key, I Say Kay

Last evening Cath and I had a little difference over the word "quay".  She claims that I'm not saying it right-- I pronounce it "Kay" as opposed to her "key".  I guess it all depends on your history.  The French word for quay is spelled "quai" (pronounced "Kay").  The French in me can't help surfacing every now and then.

So note my surprise when I ventured to the Deaths in 2017 site as I do almost every day, where I found the following added to yesterdays list, March 11:
Mohamed Mijarul Quayes, 56, Bangladeshi diplomat, Ambassador to Brazil (since 2014), multiple organ failure
  •  Mohamed Mijarul Quayes ( 2 April 1960 – 11 March 2017)